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I don't know if anyone's noticed, but I'm no longer doing weekly food and wine events posts. Instead,  I've been working on a DC Food And Wine Event Calendar using Google Calendar. I've set it up on a new page on my site here. You can "subscribe" to the calendar and have all of the events added to your own (if you have a Google calendar yourself). I'll be updating the calendar as I find out about events, pretty much monthly. If you want your event added, please email, and I'll make sure it's included.



Way cool trick with google calendar -- only problem is that the link provided makes it hard for calendar users to subscribe. I asked a friend, and here is a more universal link: webcal://

Melissa F.

Great idea, Jason!! I really like it! And I now can't wait to go and stalk Alton Brown at his talk :)

Anonymous Coward

Cool! That means it's available as an RSS feed too. The address of the feed is

or (split onto two lines for those with word-wrapping issues)


I would like to add my wine event too.I will send mail soon.

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