DC Restaurant Week - August 2006
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San Jose Bound

I'm flying out to San Jose today to meet Amy and go on some wine tours and try the local restaurants. One place I'm especially excited about is going to Manresa which I've heard is fantastic. I've created a live.com map with all the places we'd like to go to in case you're interested. This is my first time in the area, so if anyone is familiar with these places and wants to give some advice, I'm totally open to it. One thing you can count on though, is that I'll be writing about the places we go to, so stay tuned.



We really like Viansa winery (http://www.viansa.com). They have a tasting bar in San Francisco, and the winery itself is in Sonoma Valley (not sure if you're going to any Sonoma wineries or not). We are members of their wine club, and think that they do a really nice job with their blends - particularly reds.

Hope you have a great trip!

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