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Aug 31, 2006



My Viridian restaurant week mirrors yours almost exactly (without the baby, of course). Why did it take so long for me to try this place?


The reason I waited so long was because of the constant changing of chefs.


Sounds good, Viridian's on my list of places to try. But out of curiosity, why did you go to Viridian three days in a row?


Before I write about a place, I generally go there more than once.

Antonio Burrell

Thank's for coming to see us Jason. As always we welcome comments, good or bad. Just a note, we have decided to change our menu more or less six times a year to stay more seasonal and allow people who have found favorites to enjoy them for some period of time. So the next menu change will be at the begining of October or November. Just thought you'd like to know. Again, thanks for dining with us and next time say hello :)


Hey Antonio. Thanks for the comment. I really love the food, by the way and we were there for brunch again on Saturday. I'm sad Restaurant Week was the
first time that I made it over -- I really should've stopped by sooner, but Logan Circle isn't the most convenient for me.

Not that you need me to tell you this, but you're doing a great job. That's too bad about the menu not changing monthly though, but I had
this feeling when I checked the web site recently and the menu hadn't changed. I thought it was a good concept, but I understand why you wouldn't.


I went to Viridian during Restaurant Week with two friends and all of us LOVED it. The food was fantastic, our waitress was unbelievably nice and the Pimms Cup was the best I have ever tasted!! I would definitely go back and recommend to anyone


I think Viridian requires a second chance for me, though my experience is a brunch experience. Our waitress got our order wrong...twice. The food was bland at points, oversalted at others, and the service was slow as can be. That said, I still want to try Viridian for dinner. I think we might see a change in service and attitudes.


I've been to the Viridian 3 times now for brunch- there won't be a forth! this restaurant can be characterized in three ways- poor service, overpriced and stingy servings! The wait staff is pleasant enough but incredibly slow and inefficient. I was there this weekend with friends...it took about 20 minutes after we had ordered before we were served. The wait staff came out with our food and didn't know who ordered what...which wasn't the biggest crime in the world but rather than ask they just randomly started plates in front of people. They didn't have even one of the orders correct. One of my friends had ordered a cold soup as a starter and it didn't come until his entree arrived. Several of us ordered coffee. ..which they serve in these cute little single French presses. Viridian's coffee is ok - nothing more nothing less. These French presses only hold about 1 1/4 cups of coffee and costs $3.50. For some reason every time I've ordered coffee here is Luke warm. A couple of us ordered a second serving of coffee and were charged another $3.50. I'd understand if we ordered a second cup of expresso or something...but we didn't ..we ordered a second cup of coffee.
Another problem is the prices at Viridian are very high for what you get. The food is good but not exceptional and the menu is just not all that interesting. The servings are pretty small. Several of us ordered hamburgers this weekend... they were actually small hamburgers served on a small bun with about 3 tablespoons of potato salad- costs $11.00. I had a hamburger stuffed with cheese and chillis. The cheese was barely noticeable ....the chillis were not noticeable at all. One of my friends orders an omelet...for $12. It was a nice sized omelet which was served with nothing else at all - not even a slice of tomato. It came with no type of bread at all. If you want bread your only option is to order a bread basket for $8! Do yourself a favor and avoid this place...there are a number of more more interesting and appealing places in the neighborhood- there's just no reason to go to this restaurant. One of my favorites is Logan's Tavern on P Street less than a block away from the Viridian.


My experiences with the service have been much better than yours. I wonder why? Our orders have always been correct, except for one time they forgot to bring us a salad.

Agree 100% on the coffee. It's expensive and the press is small. Maybe Chef Burrell is reading??

If you're looking for a more interesting menu, it's best to go back in the evening for dinner. The brunch menu is a more typical brunch menu with a few twists, but the portions are pretty typical in my opinion. Plus, I actually liked that the portions weren't ridiculous. If I want a giant burger, I'm going to go to Five Guys, not Viridian.
But thanks for the comment. I'm always glad when other people's comments even out my write-ups.


I live in the neighberhood and in my experience, both food and service were much better at dinner than at brunch. And I agree, with Cheryl. There coffee service is just ridiculous. You'd think that after such a pompous presentation, the coffee would actually be good.

Antonio Burrell

I was dissapointed to read that you were less than enamored with your experiences here at Viridian. We would have been more than happy to correct any of our mistakes if you would have been so kind as to inform the manager. We do not take poor service lightly. However, we can only respond to things that are brought to our attention. As for the brunch menu not being interesting enough...that is something that most restaurants deal with. We find that most customers at brunch like things a certain way. People are more peculiar about their egg preperations than anything else that they might eat, so we try to keep it straightforward and basic. As for the lack of bread options, we do offer two types of toast, rye and challah in addition to the bread basket(which is meant for sharing). Again, I'm sorry you had such poor experiences. We are a new restaurant and feed back, good or bad is essential to our growth.


i had a great first experience at Viridian. i had been interested in trying it out when i first heard about it but your review convinced me that i should go sooner rather than later. (also, i admit, my dad was in town and i wasn't able to get reservations on a few days notice at a few other places). but my dad and i were both very pleased with our dinners there. i have been recommending it to my friends in the area though on the one hand, i kind of like that it's not AS busy and packed a place now... an esp pleasant surprise was the $32 prix fixe pre-theater din with no up-charges. that made the meal THAT much more worth it :) i'm definitely going back


I finally tried Viridian this weekend. I had the barrumundi, and I agree with you, it was really good. Crispy skin and moist fish. Service was also efficient, and we had no problems.

Madelyn Foxworthy

Has anyone used Viridian for a private event, i.e., Board of Director's dinner or anything like that. I'm considering using this restaurant. Any comments?


I hope you went to Viridian early with your child. Logan Circle is not the best place to bring children. Most of us live there to be AWAY from screaming babies.


Hmmm. As far as I could tell, most people there did not mind. But, I dare someone to confront us about it, lest they find my wife's foot up their ass.


The brunch my wife and I had at Viridian would have been just bad, but the prices (exorbitant for what we received) and the attitude given to us made it pretty terrible. When we arrived, we were asked by the host if we had a reservation. When we said no, the host told us we had to wait at the bar for a table -- even though about 25% of the tables in the restaurant were empty. Only a few of these empty tables were filled during the course of our meal.

We shared the "poached eggs" (Viridian's version of eggs Benedict), the "Belgium waffles" [sic], and a side of smoked bacon. The eggs were overcooked (solid) and accompanied by oily and mushy home fried potatoes. The waffles were soggy and the type found at any greasy spoon -- not Belgian in any way. The bacon was severely overcooked, about 40% charred black. Our first French-press coffee was weak and not nearly hot enough (a second order was a little better). The bloody marys were made with V8 juice (we saw a stockpile of cans behind the bar) -- something a real mary should never be made with. At half the price, the meal would have been bad, but with $12 entrees, we were pretty disgusted.

I'll never return to Viridian when a far superior brunch can be had at the numerous restaurants within the vicinity. Readers would do themselves a favor to skip this place and eat at St. Ex (a few blocks up on 14th St.) or Merkado (around the corner on P St.).


I should probably point out that Chef Antonio Burrell left the restaurant in late Oct.


It was disappointing to read the comments about brunch not being very good. I have been to Viridian three times for dinner and I thought each one of my dinners was good all the way around -- food, service, etc. it's such a nice addition to Logan Circle. I'm interested to try brunch out for myself because the reviews i've read are so different from the dinner experiences i've had at Viridian.


I spent New Years's Eve at the Viridian and cannot remember when I have had a worse meal than this one. My friends had eaten here a couple of months ago and had a good experience and were very embarrassed to have brought us there.
I recognise that it is difficult to get good food on New Year's Eve, but this was absolutely disgusting for the money they were charging. Standouts were "Lobster a la nage" which was cold, rubbery and swimming in the most ill-conceived orange-red broth. it was truly terrible. Friends ordered a filet of beef, which also came out cold and on a pedestal of stale,hard bread (we think.) The pork dish was like a lump of Spam! Salads were uninspired and enjoyable only because they weren't offensive. The Chocolate "roulade" for dessert was dry and tasteless. Our server was obviously embarrassed to be serving us this pile of crap. Do yourself a favor -avoid this place.


Not recommended - During DC restaurant week, I ordered an onion tart (very nice), barramundi (sent back because it was served half-fried, half-raw with uncooked batter), and citrus bars (too sweet). After sending back the fish, our waitress was very rude and ignored our table. When she did pass by, she gave us nasty looks and, after we requested the bill, she dropped it on the table, making a smacking noise with the piece of wood it was attached to. Better food and service can be found elsewhere.

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