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Sep 25, 2006


Jon F.

It doesn't sound like you enjoyed your meal that much...


What gave you that idea? I thought I was pretty positive in just about everything I said...

Jon F.

Just that you said everything was excellent, but then seemed less than enthusiastic about the risotto, salad, and dessert...


I see your point, but since I've eaten there, I've recommended it to about 5 of my friends.

Jon F.

Right on, well I'll try it next time I'm in Bethesda. By the way, I also write a food blog (linked on my name below).

Judy J

Anyone else been disappointed lately in what was once a neighborhood favorite, Cafe Monti, in Alexandria's West End? Last few times I've gone, the chef had left, and all the staff seemed to speak only Spanish, and couldn't communicate with the customers! No one to explain to newbies about busing your own table, no recommendations about specials, just very cursory and unhospitable food and service. Couldn't help but noticing that this tiny place that used to pack in the customers now has lots of tables open, both at lunch and dinner. Anyone know what gives?


David Craig recently started serving at lunch and I went with a couple of friends. The food was excellent, although if you're watching carbs you'll need to go someplace else. the mains are pastas. The lobster risotto was great. The desserts are pretty awesome too -- Chocolate bread pudding with ice cream, a real good creme brulee and a toasted pound cake. i highly recommend it.


We had dinner last night 8/1/08 at David Craig in Bethesda and it was one of the worst experiences we have ever had. The dining room had no AC and was very hot, the menu was limited since it was some sort of restaurant week in Bethesda and the server was pretty much useless--I would avoid this reataurant as it seems to be at it's end. They only have beer and wine as well.

JoLynn Schwartz

Is this place still open? The number listed has been disconnected. I hope so! If not, can you please recommend similiar restaurants in either DC or Bethesda? Thanks!

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