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Lately, I work more and more out of my company's Reston office, and until recently, I've been having a lot of trouble finding decent places to eat lunch. My choices within a 5 minute drive are an extremly below average Subway, a Cafe Sano which started out good when it first opened, but has gone a little downhill since, a McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and a Taco Bell. Other than that, the best place that I'd been able to find was a very average Chinese restaurant called Mama Wok (and let me just say that once you've had Joe's Noodle House, other Chinese places don't stand much of a chance).

Last week, a buddy showed me a little hidden kabob place called Reston Kabob. It's not quite Moby Dick, but it's pretty similar. The menu is pretty simple. You can get chicken, beef, lamb, ground lamb, or ground chicken by themselves or any combination. With the meat, you can either get a salad or rice, and you always get some fresh made, fluffy pita bread.

My favorite thing to get is the kabob salad with chicken. The chicken is always very tender and well seasoned. I've also had the beef, and ground lamb and enjoyed them both. They must marinate their meat for a long time because it's always full of flavor. Let me warn you, though, that the ground meat kabobs have plenty of onion in them, so be prepared to reek a little when you go back to work.

If any of you out there know of other good places in the Reston area...I'm open to suggestions.

Reston Kabob
11844 Sunrise Valley Dr # A
Reston, VA
(703) 390-9070




El Manatial is good - unusual family run upscale place with a diverse variety of cuisine - think Spanish, Italian, Latin Anerican. Only open for dinner I think though.

There's also a good Pho place in the Tall Oaks Shopping Center off of Wiehle and North Shore.

Finally, Jamaica Jamaica. This is a small place off of the Fairfax County Pkway - technically Herndon, but very close to the Reston line. I managed to find a link:


I take that back - El Manantial is open for lunch during the week.


Awesome Katie! Thanks.


you can try out kobe grill and sorrento's


I used to work in Reston on Elden St. There is a Sushi place on the right just under the overpass for 7100 and there is a Hard Times Cafe on the right further down, kind of tucked back in a shopping center. There is a lunch group at the office that tries different restaurants around the area and then publishes to the corporate newsletter, I'll try to look back through those and give you a few more options. There is also an Anita's close by (1051 Elden St., New Mexican food, no I have no idea what that means but the food is good if a bit greasy). Paolo's used to have a yummy espresso rubbed steak salad, they are in the Reston Town Center area.


Simply Grill in the Best Buy shopping center is really delicious, they have kabobs and make fresh bread in their stone oven while you wait. OBI sushi in the Town Center has a really good lunch buffet as well.


You might also want to try Ariake at the intersection of Glade and Colt's Neck (south of the Dulles Toll Road off Reston Parkway). It's japanese with sushi and other fare. It's worth at least one visit to admire how nicely a former McDonald's can be made over into a beautiful sit-down restaurant. I've really enjoyed every meal I've eaten there, although it's always been dinner.


You should check out Lake Anne Plaza. There are a few good restuarants and you can sit outside with a view of the lake at all of them.


Lake Anne Plaza is a bit far for me, but I did try Mayuri Indian Cuisine in Hunter Woods Plaza. They had a pretty decent buffet going on there.


There's a place in Franklin Farms which is about 10 minutes from Reston called San Vito's. Its a family-owned Italian restaurant. They serve the best foccacia and pesto at the table. You should definitely check it out.

Here's their url:


I have to disagree with Michelle about San Vito. They are really close to my house and it *looks* like a really great find, so I've given them a number of chances and been really disappointed each time. It isn't bad, but it isn't anything more than average strip mall Italian with some nice decor.

I would suggest Lucia's in the Fox Mill shopping center instead. Sounds like it is pretty close to where you work, Jason, and I really love it! Not quite as pretentious as San Vito, but this is lunch we're talking about, and the things they do well are *really* good. While the entrees are a mixed bag, the italian subs and calzones are spectacular, and the gelato is fab!

If you are able to travel a little further, try SBC cafe in Herndon -- less than a 10 minute drive at lunchtime.


Oh, and there's a 5 guys in Fox Mill shopping center too, just a few doors down from Lucia's. You couldn't pay me to eat there, but you've mentioned you like it...


I second the no confidence vote on San Vito. I ordered rigatoni on my visit - it had the exact taste, texture, and look of beefaroni made by a certain supermarket Italian chef.


There's an Indian restaurant in Hunter's Woods shopping center (or whatever it's called, it's where the Safeway, Ledo's, and Dairy Queen is). They have a banging lunch buffet, cheap too! And I second the Italian place in Fox Mill, yummy gelato.


Should stop by Euro Bistro for german food. It's on the 300 block of Elden, just west of Herndon pkwy.
I've read some people raving about them. I've only been there once so I won't say either way.


Get the crispy duck with basil at Thai Luang in Herndon. Not quite Reston, but I make the trip from Arlington several times a year.

There are a lot of great restaurants on Elden St., actually, including the Guatemalan fried chicken place.


I'm not mentioning any places that haven't been suggested already, but here's a second (or third, or fourth) opinion...

Ariake serves the best sushi I've tasted. The restaurant is very tastefully laid-out, and the staff are quite pleasant. Easily my favorite place to eat in Reston, if not the entire DC area.

Mayuri is a little Indian buffet just across the street from Ariake (off Colt's Neck). There's enough variety to let you fill up without going back for the same thing twice.

El Manantial (off North Shore Drive and Wiehle) has a fantastic Rainbow Trout dish (I need to return and try a few other offerings). A friend didn't find their pizza to be anything special, but their menu is certainly unique in this area.

In the same plaza as El Manantial, Mama Wok's Singapore noodles weren't very good. I haven't returned, but should because I've heard good things about some of their other dishes. Lakeside Asia Cafe (at the South Lakes Shopping Center) has some tasty dumplings and their other fare hasn't disappointed. Café Sano is a couple of doors down. Their pizzas are decent, but I especially like their pesto and chicken wrap.

Reston Kabob is another of my favorites, though I can only go when I'm feeling unusually hungry; the servings are large, and fill me up quickly.


I second the recommendation for Lake Anne center. It's a block off Baron Cameron between Reston pkwy and Wiehle, and strangely hard to find, but great.

Jasmine is the best restaruant there hands down ($8 lunch entrees) and the Moroccan place (La Kasbah) is also great. Tavern on the lake is inconsistent and Cafe Montemarte is fine, but Jasmine is better. All have outdoor tables near the lake.

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