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Night and Day

In the last week, I've had complete night and day experiences in regards to wait times at Ray's the Steaks. Last Friday night, we stopped by at around 7 PM and there was practically a line to get into the parking lot. Once I managed to get close to the restaurant, I kicked Amy out of the car to see how long the wait was. 1 Hour. We ended up going to Guajillo instead.

So last night we return again, because OH MY GOD, I had a huge craving for a steak. We arrived the same time -- 7PM. No wait.

So the moral in this story is, go to Rays the Steaks DURING the week.



I hope it's OK to post a link to the DR.com site, where Michael gives a pretty good idea of how long you may wait on any given day



Michael who? ;)

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