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Oct 30, 2006


Blake G

Jason, Does this model have a metal basket or does it use papers? I am looking for one with a metal basket.


It uses papers, but you can buy one of those metal backets just about anywhere. I actually bought mine at Target and they had the metal baskets there as well.


There's a Greenberry's in Reston by the Home Depot that is also quite good. They have a nice little sitting area outside also, that makes for a nice non-Starbucks weekend morning.


I feel the same about Greenberry's! I go to the one you speak of, near Ray's, and have become a true believer! I too still drink SBUX--more out of convenience and accessability--but prefer the atmosphere, friendliness and coffee taste of Greenberry's! Thanks for bringing them "out!"


Another alternative to the Mr. Coffee is the 'French Press'. I think that World Market is currently selling their full size version for around forty dollars.


have you tried Misha's in Alexandria?


Nope, I haven't, but will check it out if I'm in the area.

Exiled to Canada

You should also try Mayorga coffee (http://www.mayorgacoffee.com/). They roast all of their beans on site. Saturday morning they used to have the Banjo Man, which is very popular with the baby/toddler/preschool set and there is a toy area for little ones as well. Also, we went to the Greenwell Farms (http://www.greenwellfarms.com/) plantation when we were on vacation this summer and had their Kona. It was like heaven in a cup!
If you reall want to experience coffee the right way, I second the French press suggestion and would add that you can purchase a small one that is about a cup and half worth. I used to use one at the office and bring fresh ground coffee with me every day so I didn't have to drink the stuff at the office.


I haven't been able to get into the french press. We tried one at home a little while back before we got the Senseo machine, and I just couldn't get past the grit at the bottom. Perhaps we were grinding the coffee too fine though or our press was just a piece o' crap.


I'm a huge fan of coffee and extremely picky (aka you couldn't pay me to drink anything from starbucks, or any other chain for that matter). Check out this place http://www.cspot.com/ I lived in NC for a handful of years and fell in love with their beans. They roast them the same day they ship them & they're killer. My fav is the french roast colombia. As for pots, if you're looking for a reasonably priced recommendation try the Cuisinart (12 cup) stainless steel thermos Model: DTC-975BKN. Best Buy carries it and the cost is around $99. It's worth the money.


I'm a coffee afficianado, and my all time favoriet coffee maker. I'm on my second now.
The Santos by BODUM.
Awesome! (no paper filters, a cinch to clean, and out of this world french pressed taste!)

Love your blog!

Joseph LeBlanc

Also check out Murky Coffee in Clarendon, a block from the Metro.


I am absolutely obsessed with Greenberry's--I go to the one in Arlington every day (it helps that my office is in walking distance). Their coffee is so much better than Starbucks, and the people and atmosphere are fantastic. I highly recommend them.


I think just about every UVa alum in town is a Greenberry's nut. I learned to love their coffee when I was in Charlottesville and I go to the location out here in Reston as often as possible.


YeahI think your French Press was either off or the grind was wrong. If you are getting your beans at somewhere like MAyorga and tell them that you are using french press they know exactly what to do. You might have to explain "as coarse as you can make it" at starbucks. I have been addicted to French Press for awhile and that is why I am looking for a coffee maker with a metal basket. I have heard these baskets allow the oils from the beans to pass through unlike paper filters that soak them up.


Murky Coffee up Wilson Blvd also has some great roasts. I picke dup their Rwandan the other day and opened the bag this morning.... so smooth, so good. I'm also a French press fan. If you still have the equipment, ask the employees at Greenberry's to grind it for you. They should know the perfect setting.

Stockard Channing

I had that coffee maker, it leaked all over my counter and shortened my life-expectancy through stress.


I also had a problem with the coffee making overflowing all over my counter with the cuisinart. Made me crazy!!!

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