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Oct 18, 2006



If you can get away to Ashburn, try Banjara Indian Cuisine (http://www.banjaracuisine.com/home.htm). I have not eaten at Minerva's but Banjara does edge out Mayuri's pretty easily.


I started out doing a comment here, but it started getting really long, so I responded in a blog entry of my own. ( http://www.joelogon.com/blog/2006/10/passage-to-indian-buffets.html )
To summarize: Harvest of India in Herndon; also Supper Club of India in Worldgate, and a few others. -- Joe


I found the buffet at Harvest of India to be small and most of the selections to be bland, but I don't know what a normal meal is like there.


Why is butter chicken a no no at an Indian buffet? I figure chicken tikka masala might be, since its British, not Indian - but what's wrong with butter chicken?


I can't think of a more bland, common Indian dish to eat at a buffet.

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