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Best Pizza EVAR!

OMFG! I had the best pizza ever at 2 Amys the other night with:
Smoked Scallops
Lobster Sauce
Shaved Garlic
...and the wonderful crust of course.

Also on the menu was a scrumptious fried mini calzone filled with ricotta, swiss chard, and pine nuts which Amy and I devoured.



What is lardo?


Sounds gross, but mixed with the right things, it tastes great.


Thanks. My first thought when I read it was lard, but then thought that couldn't possibly be correct. Leave it to the Italians to make pig fat taste good. ;~)


I'm with Jason. Sounds gross, but, served well, it's delicious. Had it in the Italian Alps several years back thinly sliced and served over small toast slices with honey, and it was awesome. Like butta. Somewhat difficult to find in the U.S. (though I think that Roberto Donna serves it on occasion and may make his own). Suppose the thought of eating pure pork fat is just beyond the sensibilities of American eating habits.


I've been to 2 Amy's a few times, but I can never really get into it the way some people do.

My new favorite pizza place is Coppi's on U Street? I love their Bianca pizza with pancetta, red onions, etc. and their dark and cozy atmosphere. I'd be interested in your review.

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