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Nov 01, 2006



I posted about St Ex today as well. Went there last night for a pre-concert meal as well. Funny. We should link each others' blogs.


I think they might have the same goat cheesecake at Bar Pilar (same owner); we had it the other night with a tart blueberry sauce, and it is tiny but a few bites of heaven and a steal at $3!


I love the place, I think its one of the more underrated scenes in DC. A little off the U St/adams morgan scene but still pretty awesome


What a great post! Jason it's been awesome to see you raise the level of your food writing by so much - your site is such a pleasure (not that it wasn't always that way). But in recent times your posts are just really thorough, professional and spot-on. One quibble, though, is pricing. I know that les than $100 might seem like a "steal" for what you ordered but for me and my boyfriend (who have a combined income of well over 100K) that's still really pricy! I mean, it's not French Laundry-level pricy, but pricy nonetheless. Just my opinion :-)


Point taken Sandra and thanks or the compliments. I'm trying to eat at more "cheap eats" type places lately, but I just haven't eaten at any that are worth writing about. :( To be honest with you, eating at all these nice places has really been taking a toll on my wallet, but sometimes I just can't help it because I love good food so much!

Joseph LeBlanc

"One quibble, though, is pricing. I know that les than $100 might seem like a "steal" for what you ordered but for me and my boyfriend (who have a combined income of well over 100K) that's still really pricy!"

That's really just the nature of this city in general. There are some good cheap eats at the low end (catering to tourists and college students), some fantastic stuff at the high end (VIPs and expense accounts), but seemingly little mid-range stuff. When you do find moderately priced restaurants, they're usually busy and understaffed. This is my observation, does anyone concur? You really can't blame Jason for picking the restaurants that he does; there are a lot of good places here if you're willing to spend the cash.


I totally don't blame Jason or other DC writers for city food prices - and your observations are totally right! That said, $100 for two with tax tip and wine isn't the end of the world, I just think that it's not quite cheap eats. And you're right, it's kind of an in between point. You can't review taco night at the press club all the time!


My friends went there for brunch one day. You should try their BLT, they make it with green tomatoes. It's quite delicious...


If you like Saint-Ex, you will LOVE Bar Pilar (1833 14th St NW), which is on the same block and is run by the same gang with a cook who has been at places like Cafe Atlantico. It is small dishes extraordinaire. Run, do not walk, to eat there. Warning - Bar Pilar is a real bar and can get a little noisy, but don't let that turn you off. The food is really superb.


I have avoided Saint Ex since I ate there shortly after it opened. While i really enjoy the vibe the food has consistently been sub par. When it first opened i was shocked at how they could ruin simple things - charring a burger til no juice was left - or dry stale tasting crab cakes. Having been invited there to dinner just recently i realize that not much has changed. They are still trying to be inventive (risotto made out of barley), or creme brulee infused with mint, but unfortunately the culinary skill and ability to match flavours and balance ingredients doesn't match their epicurean ambition. I found myself leaving all the risotto after a mere few bites, and while creme brulee of any sort is enjoyable, i kept wishing that the consistency resembled more of a custard than a thin yogurt, and that the mint aroma was not quite as cloying and overpowering.

Finally, our server could be described perhaps best as "civilly indifferent".


FYI, Barton Seaver, has moved on to Hook.


The address above is wrong, it is 1847 14th St, not 847, you'll never find it there.


This is the first time I spent more than $50 a person. The place is oblivious to the concept of good customer service. Part of our party was arriving an hour late and they refused to seat any of us. They asked us to wait in a smelly run-down basement. Their wine list is limited. I would never recommend this "joint" to anyone, particularly at fine-dining prices.

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