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When will Amy and I learn that champagne just puts us to sleep?

Last night, we popped open a bottle of champagne, just for the heck of it. About 2 hours later I wake up. Amy's asleep on the couch right next to me with Ceiba asleep on her lap and Max asleep on my lap. We never even finished out first glass.

Of course, it might not have helped that we'd just returned from a steak dinner at Ray's.



Well, sure it puts everyone to sleep, but didn't it feel great to be drinking champagne for no specific reason?

Barbara (Biscuit Girl)

At least you made it home from Ray's before you fell asleep. I get so drowsy on the way home that I just about zonk out. A belly full of beef, a glass or two of wine and I'm done. :)


Oh! I saw the "Rays the Classics" the other day when I want to the AFI...have you been? I want to take my parents, but they are more into places like "Outback". Despite this, do you think Rays would go over well?


I think it will, but I haven't been there yet. Just be sure to make a reservation in advance. I had the same idea last weekend and tried to make a reservation same day. Nice try Jason.


I went to Ray's the Steaks for the first time this weekend. I'm a vegetarian, so I did a little research beforehand to make sure that they had something available for me to eat before heading over there with five carnivorous guys. While they only have one vegetarian option on the menu, a grilled portabello platter, it was DELICIOUS. It had the option of either the Diablo sauce or a balsamic glaze (I went with the Diablo) and came with sauteed onions, blue cheese, grape tomatoes, and broccoli, not to mention the usual mashed potatoes and spinach. I had more food on my plate than anyone else!


I'm sure it was the steak dinner. Champagne is delightful, but steak fills the belly and turns you into a fat baby ready for a nap.

Just the thought of it is making my mouth water, followed by a yawn. :)


Valerie, PLEASE take your family to Ray's. My in-laws are totally the Outback crowd--it's where we always end up going for family gatherings. I opted for Ray's for my birthday dinner last month and they loved it. It totally broke them of that Outback habit!


Thanks to everyone for the info...I think I'll make them come for MY birthday so they can't say no!

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