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For those of you who don't read Amy's site and are wondering why I haven't posted in over a week, it's because we just got a contract on our place. We are closing in less than 30 days and we basically have the next two weeks to find a place of our own. I will be freaking out in....5...4...3...2...

In the mean time, we've been driving all over the DC Metro area looking for places. We were in Alexandria, and instead of going by Evening Star like we usually would, we drove up to Crystal City to Bebo Trattoria. I'll save the details for later, but to sum it up everything went very smoothly. Of course, we were there pretty soon after they opened that Sunday night, but we didn't have the service issues that other people have been talking about. The server even offered to wash out Noah's sippy cup and fill it with the milk we ordered. Nice! I didn't take him up on it though.

The pasta dishes we ordered, a creamy lasagnette and a tube shaped pasta with short rib ragu, were pretty decent and reasonably priced under $12 each. I also enjoyed the special appetizer of baked polenta with sausage ragu so I think I'll be returning again.



What's Amy site?



Timely posting... we're debating sushi in Courthouse or venturing down to Bebo for dinner tonight. This was encouraging!


A Tuesday night before Thanksgiving might be a good time to try it.


OK, I'm really going to Bebo tonight.. I would be interested in hearing about your experience to compare. I've been pretty saddened by all the poor reviews on service, as I really want them to do well there.

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