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DC Restaurant Week - Jan 2007

Click here to see the most recent details on the current DC Restaurant Week.

Wow, did the year fly by. I feel like it was just yesterday that I did the post for the last D.C. Restaurant Week and here we are with the New Year right upon us.

D.C. Restaurant Week will be Monday January 8 through Sunday January 14. I confirmed with today and their web site should be updated by next week with the full list of participating restaurants, so stay tuned for updates.

I'm hoping to find the time to do my usual recommendations post soon after that comes out, but if you want to make a reservation sooner rather than later, refer to my post from the last D.C. Restaurant Week. Just make sure you check that they are participating again.

Update: The site has updated the list of participating restaurants, which is really no different than previous Restaurant Weeks. New restaurants on the list this year include Farrah Olivia, Indigo Landing, Lia's, and PS 7's so you'll probably want to book them first as most people want to try them. Now that the list is up, I'll be updating this post with as many menus as I can track down. Stay tuned...

Update: Below are the restaurants that have their menus posted online or have sent me their menus. As usual, Dino is first on the draw and has sent me their menu.

Extending Restaurant Week for the entire month of January!

Dinner Only
1st Course: Any antipasto or Small plate or a 3 cheese plate
2nd Course: Any dish
Dessert Course: Any dessert

14K Restaurant
Lunch and Dinner
14K's Restaurant Week menu for Lunch and Dinner.

Lunch and Dinner
15 Ria has their lunch and dinner menu on their web site.

701 Restaurant
Lunch and Dinner
701 usually posts their Restaurant Week menu on their web site in the events page.

Agua Ardiente
Lunch and Dinner
Restaurant Week menus available on their web site.

Aria Trattoria
Dinner Only
Aria Trattoria's Restaurant Week menu is available here.

Bistro Bis/Vidalia
Lunch and Dinner
Bistro Bis and Vidalia post sample menus here. Call the restaurant for their actual menu.

The Bombay Club
Lunch and Dinner
Bombay Club's web site has their menu posted. Click on events and then Restaurant Week.

Butterfield 9
Lunch and Dinner
Butterfield 9 has extended their Restaurant Week menu an extra week until the 21st. Lunch and Dinner menus are posted on their web site.

Cafe Saint Ex
Dinner Only
St. Ex has a similar deal to D.C. Restaurant Week daily at the restaurant. I imagine, they're just continuing this during Restaurant Week as well. For any three courses on the menu, $28 for before 7 PM, and $32 after. Go here for an example of their menu.

Ceiba. DC Coast, Acadiana, Ten Pehn
Lunch and Dinner
Ceiba, as well as the other restaurants that are part of the Passion Food restaurant group (Acadiana, DC Coast, Ten Pehn) always offer a good majority of their menu during restaurant week. A few things are held off, but the resulting menu usually gives a good feel for what the normal experience is at the restaurant.

Circle Bistro, Dish, Notti Bianche
Lunch and Dinner
Circle Bistro is one of my favorite restaurants in the city, and usually offers their full menu for DC Restaurant Week as do it's sister restaurants, Dish and Notti Bianche. The latest copy of their menus can be found here, here, and here.

Colvin Run Tavern
Lunch and Dinner
Colvin Run Tavern is offering the Restaurant Week special for the entire month of January. So if I were someone that wanted to try Colvin Run Tavern, I might skip Restaurant Week, and go later in the month...They usually offer a very significant portion of their regular menu.

Lunch and Dinner
Corduroy always offers their full menu for Restaurant Week with a couple upcharges for the more expensive items. This is definitely a must for the first time Restaurant Week diner. I've always had good experiences at Corduroy during restaurant week.

Farrah Olivia
Lunch and Dinner
Completely Booked on open table intil the 16th. This is where I (and everyone else) wanted to go, but OpenTable has them booked until Jan 16th...Perhaps try calling the restaurant to see if they have any cancellations.

Georgia Browns
Dinner Only
Georgia Browns always posts their Restaurant Week menu on their web site.

Inde Bleu
Lunch and Dinner
Inde Bleu's Restaurant Week menu can be found here.

Kaz Sushi Bistro
Lunch and Dinner
Their Restaurant Week menu is available on their site, fairly limited compared to their normal menu, but it might be worth a try?...

Mie n Yu
Lunch and Dinner
Mie n Yu has extended Restaurant Week until the 21st. Their menu is available here.

New Heights Restaurant
Dinner Only
New Heights has their menu posted on their web site.

Dinner Only
Neyla's Restaurant Week Menu is available on their web site.

Obi Sushi
Dinner Only
Check out Obi Sushi's Restaurant Week menu on their web site.

Oya Restaurant & Lounge
Lunch and Dinner
Oya will be extending Restaurant Week throughout January but there's not info on their web site about what they're offering. My hope is it's their full menu because it looks and sounds soooo good.

Oval Room
Lunch and Dinner
Oval Room has their Restaurant Week menu posted on their web site. Click on "Events".

PS 7
Lunch and Dinner
PS 7's lunch and dinner DC Restaurant Week menu.  Their dinner has a bunch of upcharges, but man does it sound yummy! Update: PS 7s has extended DC Restaurant Week the entire month of January.

Restaurant Kolumbia
Lunch and Dinner
Restaurant Kolumbia now has their web site updated with their Restaurant Week menu for lunch and dinner.

Tabard Inn
Lunch and Dinner
I like Tabard in a lot. Their menu is great for taking visiting relatives since it has a wide variety of food to please everyone and it's adventurous at the same time. Tabard Inn usually offers a good portion of their menu for Restaurant Week and I highly recommend it.

Taberna del Alabardero
Lunch and Dinner
Taberna's Restaurant week menu can be found here.

Dinner Only
In past Restaurant Weeks, Tosca has always had their full menu available. My suspicion is that they will be doing the same thing this year, but you should call and check.

Dinner Only

Viridian usually offers their full menu for Restaurant Week and it's a pretty good deal. Plus, they have a new chef and I'm sure they'll be trying to make a good impression on the new diners. I was pretty surprised at how good the service was at Viridian during the last Restaurant Week.

Lunch and Dinner
Wasabi is offering their full menu for both lunch and dinner. Lunch includes any 5 plates, and dinner includes any 7 plates plus a sake cocktail.

Lunch and Dinner
Willow is extending Restaurant Week and additional week and offers a wine pairing for $15 additional. There menus are below.


  • Butternut Squash Bisque with Toasted Pepita Seeds and Sage Oil (V)
  • Pear and Walnut Salad with Endive and Blue Cheese (V)
  • Soup Du Jour
  • Miniature Continental Flat Bread with Broccoli Rabe and Imported Salami
  • Potato and Caramelized Onion Ravioli with Seared Shrimp, Bacon and Tomato Broth

Wine Pairing

  • Vanti Bianco, Vino de Tavola, Italy, 2005


  • *Herb Crusted Flounder Filet -- Mushroom Agnolotti, Creamy Cauliflower Purée and Warm Truffle Vinaigrette
  • Marinated and Fried Tofu (V) --Potato, olive and Caper Tart, Braised Fennel and a Tomato Basil Broth
  • Willow's Fried Chicken -- Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Swiss Chard and a Spicy Rosemary Dipping  Sauce
  • *Tournedos of Pepper Crusted Filet Mignon -- Potato Tart, Red Wine Mushrooms, Crispy Onion Rings and Beef Jus

Wine Pairing

  • Cahors, Cedre "Heritage", France, 2003


  • Pear and Hazelnut Crumble with Danish Cream Ice Cream
  • Chocolate Mouse Pie with a Three Nut Crust
  • Layer Cake of the Day

Wine Pairing

  • Ceron, Chateau L'Oree dr Bel Air, France, 2004 or Jonesy Rare Aged "Port", Australia, NV


  • Butternut Squash Bisque with Toasted Pepita Seeds and Sage Oil (V)
  • Baby Butter Lettuce "Wedge" Salad with Creamy Blue Cheese, Red Onion and Bacon
  • Soup Du Jour
  • Steamed Mussels in a Tomato & Sherry Broth with Picholine Olives, Orzo and Fennel

Wine Pairing

  • Vanti Bianco, Vino de Tavola, Italy, 2005


  • Crispy Duck Confit --French Green Lentils and a Wilted Spinach and Apple Wood Smoked Bacon Salad
  • Chicken Milanese with Dijon Crust -- Arugula, Red Onion, Caper Salad with Lemon
  • Beef "Pot Pie" -- Pearl Onions, Potatoes, and Red Wine Sauce in Savory Puff Pastry
  • Toasted Barley and Herb Risotto with Goat's Cheese "Beggar's Purse" (V) --Butter Poached Artichokes, Broccoli Rabe and Basil Oil

Wine Pairing

  • Cahors, Cedre "Heritage", France, 2003


  • Pear and Hazelnut Crumble with Danish Cream Ice Cream
  • Lemon Cream Tart with Warm Blackberry Sauce
  • Layer Cake of the Day

Wine Pairing

  • Ceron, Chateau L'Oree dr Bel Air, France, 2004 or Jonesy Rare Aged "Port", Australia, NV

Lunch and Dinner
Zengo's Restaurant Week menu is available on their web site.



Thanks for the heads up. I went ahead and made reservations on Open Table for 2 placs we could never get in during RW: DC Coast and 1789 & I can cancel them if they aren't participating this year!


Why are they waiting so long to release info? It's less than a month away at this point.


Jason, they just posted the participating restaurants on Open Table. I booked for Acadiana, Ceiba and Colvin Run...


Looks like Colvin Run Tavern, Kinkead's suburban relative, will have a RW offer for all of January. It's one of our favorites and worth a trip from the city to the depths of Tysons.


Definitely call even if OpenTable shows as booked. I was able to get a 2 top at Farrah Olivia for Friday night!


Ahhhhh! Delish. Can't wait!!!


Anyone been to Charlie Palmer Steakhouse for RW? I made a reservation there because it's the closest restaurant to me...


I was lucky enough to get reservations for the 10th.

I emailed them asking what would be in the menu and they replied with this:

"First we are extending restaurant week until the following week (January 21) because we are completely booked for dinner. We are offering our full menu, which can be found on our website a few items will have a supplemental charge."


I'm assuming you're talking about Farrah Olivia?


I was referring to Farrah Olivia. ;-) trigger finger was too quick.


After years of them being booked, I reserved 1789 WAY in advance to ensure I had a table for RW. Does anyone know about their menu? Do they offer the whole thing?


i'm heading to farrah olivia on thursday and would looove some feedback from anyone who goes before then...


We just returned from a meal at 1789 that I can't even describe in words. The entire menu is included, with a $10 upcharge on the lamb and sirloin. I had the quail waldorf salad, the pork and the bread pudding and recommend all 3, my husband had the escargot, wild salmon and chocolate dessert with Bailey's ice cream; enjoyed them all, but my dessert was much better. Nice wine by the glass list, excellent, really knowledgable service.


THAT sounds better than my experience at Colvin Run Tavern tonight. Service was the highlight and the servers were very knowledgeable of the menu and wine list. However, portions were quite small. Avoid the duck confit if your going as it was very salty and almost impossible to taste the flavor of the duck. Everything else we had tasted good, but for some reason I was expecting something a bit more mind blowing.


We ate at 1789 last night (the 8th) and were very disappointed. My girlfriend had the oyster stew (mediocre) and salmon- with brioche pudding. I had the quail waldorf salad (good) and roasted chicken with cauliflower. Both entrées and their sides were EXTREMELY salty. We both really enjoy salt but this was overpowering. It was as though they had been using a tablespoon instead of teaspoon when measuring. Neither of us enjoyed it enough to finish our entrées. Luckily the desserts were phenomenal. She had the poached pear with ginger ice cream and I had the bread pudding. Hopefully the terrible entrées were an aberration, but we won’t ever be dining at 1789 again


I went to Ceiba last night. It was pretty good. Got there 10 min before my reservation and were sat immediately. The service wasn't the best, but that's to be expected during restaurant week. for the appetizers u could pick one out of 4. but you could pick any entree off the menu. I had the shrimp cocktail, the braised pork, and the bread pudding. my friend had some salad, the crab cakes, and the chocolate cake. the pork didn't look very appetizing, but it actually tasted pretty good. really tender. the crab cakes were pretty good too. if u are picking a dessert go for the chocolate cake. overall i was impressed with the dinner.


I went to Zola last night. It was terrible. The host was rude, the food was disappointing. The only good thing was the waiter, who was very nice. I got the duck confit. It was bad. I will never go back again


Tried PS7 last night. The starters were fantastic (the duck and the tuna tartare); We could have chosen better for our main courses than the sweetbreads and ham-wrapped monkfish. Cocunut cheesecake is very good and interesting. Nearly their full menu; great service; no feeling of "we're treating you different because it's RW."


BTW, the menu PS7 presented to us did not have any upcharges that I remember.


Circle Bistro last night was very good. Whole menu, plus some extras offered, with a few minor $2-5 upcharges. The best things we ordered were the duckling - amazing!, the goat cheese salad, and the caramel apple bread pudding with caramel ice cream. The restaurant was actually half empty, but the service was off. Seemed like inexperienced staff. If you are looking for a place during RW, try here as they seem to have reservations available and the food and space are lovely. Also, I wrote a more detailed review on


The duck at Circle Bistro is the best in DC in my opinion...

I was able to come close to it on my own recently with this recipe, but still not as good.


Oh...and don't forget to vote for this site on the Well Fed Network's Food Blog awards. I'm the only blog from DC so help me represent.


I'm just curious if anyone actually went to I Ricchi...I was excited to go for my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend until I saw this:
Thoroughly unacceptable! Did they really offer their full menu for RW?


Looks like they aren't. I'll update the listing. Interesting. Their site said before that they were...

jim collins

I had dinner at Smith & Wollensky last night. very good. RW menu was fillet two ways but hey want do you want?

dessert: (yes thats a dinner plate):

jim collins

"I went to Zola last night. It was terrible. The host was rude, the food was disappointing. The only good thing was the waiter, who was very nice. I got the duck confit. It was bad. I will never go back again
Posted by: Casey | Jan 09, 2007 at 11:54 AM "
Ditto. I was there August '05 and was not impressed.

jim collins

FYI: 21 P
January 8 thru January 16. 21P will extend restaurant week 1/17-1/31. 3 Courses for $30. Reservations before 6:15 pm and after 8:45 pm will receive complimentary 4th course. See our special menu:"

jim collins

More FYI: agua-ardiente
"4 Course Lunch $20.07 Menu & 4 Course Dinner $30.07 Menu available everyday starting January 15, 2007, following Restaurant Week"

Gerry P.

Anybody have any suggestions for a fancy, trendy type restaurant? Something like Oya, but not there cause i've been there.

jim collins

More FYI:
"Pre Theater
Friday 4 pm -7 pm
Saturday 5 pm-7 pm
A decadent dessert buffet is featured every Friday and Saturday
5 pm-10 pm.
Menu items are available ala carte or choose three courses for $29 per person - includes 1 Primi, 1 Secondo and 1 Dolce e Saporito selection (exclusive of tax and gratuity)."

jim collins

More FYI: Butterfield 9
Double Restaurant Week
January 8th - January 21st"

Pre-Theatre Menu 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM Daily
Post-Theatre Menu 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM Sunday – Thursday
10:00 PM – 11:00 PM Friday and Saturday
Three Course Dinner $35.00 per person

jim collins

FYI: Cafe Atlantico
Pretheatre menu available every evening from 5:00 until 6:30
$ 27.50 per person, tax and gratuity not included

jim collins

FYI: Cafe MoZU:
"*Pre-Theatre menu is available
daily from 5:30pm-6:30pm and
costs USD 30."

jim collins

FYI: Chef Geoffs
"Chef Geoff's also offers a three course Sunset Special every day from 4:00pm until 6:30pm for only $19.95 "

jim collins

FYI: lavandou
Pre-Theater Menus
from 5:00pm to 6:45pm
"Grilled Hanger steak,Red Wine or Roquefort sauce, french Fries"


I went to Farenheit last night at the Georgetown Ritz-Carlton. They were serving a large part of their menu for Restaurant Week and the food was excellent with good service. I had a warm wildmushroom tart with smoked gouda and some of the best scallops I've ever had. I really recommend it!


Vidalia was excellent as usual--a few upcharges. Very creative spins on common dishes (mac and cheese, pork--done 3 ways). 1789 was largely good to us--a few salty stuff as people have noted. Waiter saw my wife had trouble picking between cheese and apple crostada--he brought the 2nd for free. Nice surprise.

jim collins

apparently pronounced a-KAY-di-ANN-a
Good, but not great. Got the blackened yellowtail tuna rare.
Very tasty but not cooked properly, the inside was, uh, cold. I said rare, not raw. Did I eat it anyway? Damn right. RW is no time for whiners. Place was slammin.
More annoying was they messed up my check, originally omitting my glass of wine and my coffee (oh kewl! big tip) and then the bar person ran back and added them back (sux0rs - small tip). The difference in tip is the extra tip money went to the increased charge. never give a gift and snatch it back.

jim collins

DC Restaurant Group:
the age of small micro-desserts is over. If you're gonna give me chocolate cake or bread pudding, I want it to be the size of a small mammal, at least. If Smith and Wollensky can hook me up with a slice of chocolate cake the size of my head, you can too.


I went to Belga Cafe last night in Capitol Hill and WOW! The place was packed, and we did have to wait until 8:30 to be seated for an 8:00 reservation, but that's just a testament to people wanting to stay and savor the warm atmosphere and delicious food. I had white asparagus (slightly overcooked) topped with a perfectly poached egg, hollandaise, and baby gray shrimp; grilled trout with a crisp skin surrounding each fillet delicately placed on top of mounds of leek-laced mashed potatoes. The meal ended with a trio of belgian chocolate mousse and the presentation was as fun to look at as to eat! In order of richness, the mousse texture ranged from a light, softly whipped white chocolate to a firm dark chocolate that kept its form even when inverted. A+ all around - you must check out this gem.


Everytime RW rolls around I think of this site...

Anyone know what's on the RW menu for lunch at Farah Olivia?

Went to Rosa Mexicano wednesday, but decided to eat off the regular menu. For lunch RW: apps: chicken flautas, guac (for two or with $6 add if one), some salad. entrees: beef enchiladas, fish w/ achiote, chicken/fruit salad (don't laugh, looked great). desserts: only one, the coconut flan (very good if you like coconut and flan) This was the deal killer since my wife does not like coconut. Off the menu, ended up having the guac, made tableside, very good. For entrees had the asada tacos, EXCELLENT, tasty flank w/ melted cheese, a few small interesting sides, this looked to be the top dish in the place to me. Also had the goat (cabritos) taco, fine, not as good as beef (gotta love beef!). Tables get a larger bowl of rice and black refried beans for sharing. I've had lots of good Tex Mex in Houston, Pappasitos, Gringos, Ninfas, I'm impressed this food was very good, interesting flavors and all and VERY generous portions. Its not that RW menu was bad, it is ok, I'm sure those enchiladas are excellent and even the fish looked appealing, in fact all servings are generous here (as they should at a fine Tex Mex place). They are extending their RW menu for a second week.

I'm kind of tired of going to Corduroy and Tosca every RW, trying new places this time.


Yikes! Maybe I should read the other posts before posting, I'm going to change to evening if I can given the extension at Farah Olivia.

Here's my hot tip: several good places, Corduroy, DC Coast, Acadiana, others I'm sure have bars and may allow you to sit there and get the RW menu. Also, if you are close by, stop in to a resto even if they are booked. Because of OpenTable, many are getting no shows, the maitre d' specifically said this as he led me to a lunch table at Tosca last RW and they were showing all booked up and I had called as well. Also counted 8 empty tables when I left Corduroy last RW for lunch (this is a lunch tip, I'm not in town for dinner), give it a try!


Went to IRicchi last night (had made the reservation before I knew they were serving a limited menu and you have to cancel more than 2 days in advance). The service was TERRIBLE. We were out of there in less than an hour. The food was quite tasty but I have never been rushed like that ever before, not even in a chili's ;) I prefer Notti Bianche if you are going to do italian, which i went to last RW imo.


Thanks to your good review of Corduroy, we ate lunch there this past Wednesday for restaurant week. It was absolutely delicious and a wonderful value. Unlike Indebleu (whose food I found to be marginal and limited in choice), we felt like Corduroy was excited to have us there and wanted to give us the best experience possible. As a customer, they've won me over for good... and isn't that the point?


Lunch at DC Coast was amazing. I had a fantastic scallop appetizer, and tremendous grilled hangar steak, which was an admittedly heavy lunch--especially when followed by a caramel chocolate cake! My friend had the squash soup and salmon, and was thrilled with her choices.
Last night's RW forray was to IndeBleu, and everything from service to food to atmosphere was outstanding. I would highly recommend the mushroom crepe, salmon and marshmallow ice cream. Friends had the shrimp and salad and loved them, although the shellfish bisque was waaay too fishy for my taste. The veal was too saucy, but the chicken was great. Would higly recommend both DC Coast and IndeBleu!


Went to RW last night at Zengo. Before we went, heard all these accolades about the place. Unfortunately, they didn't come true. First, the RW menu is ENTIRELY different than the main menu -- that's right, nothing on the RW menu (as best as my review could discern) is on the regular menu. I probably should have researched this ahead of time, but in my view, that's incredibly cheap -- doesn't make you feel as if you're able to experience the restaurant. Our server was terrible, although the "team" of others tried to make up for it. I have some allergies, and couldn't eat anything on the dessert menu -- when I asked if they could substitute a simple sorbet (which would be far cheaper than the extravagant desserts actually on the menu), I was told no without a smile, without a "let me check with the manager," just no.

I ended up having to order off the menu, and thought the food was good, but not great. Overall very disappointed -- especially for the large check at the end of the night, given my need to go away from the RW offerings.


I would not advise anyone to go to Zengo for RW for the simple reason that they have a great lunch "pre" year round for $20. Go for it and have the calamari salad (laugh when they put it in front of you, it's so big I was full halfway thru), the "flat iron steak" and any of the sorbet/ice creams. This is the best pre combination in town right now (yes, I have had all three apps/entrees on this menu, all great, but this combo is the best of each). The food here is very good, too bad you couldn't have that sorbet, it would have been excellent, as was my mango sorbet last visit. I make my own ice cream (Loews cream, Sunnyside Farm eggs--when I can get them--you know what I'm talkin' about here!) and their hazelnut is exquisite, even better than Tosca's.


My friend and I went to Vidalia on Friday. I was excited because I have had four very good experiences at Bistro Bis. Vidalia was HORRIBLE. First of all, they got us in and of there in 35 minutes--for 3 courses! My rabbit sausage appetizer was tough and parts were not edible. My chicken and dumplings entree was bland, the chicken was overcooked and there was like half a dumpling on the plate. My Georgia pecan tart was tasty, but was hard enough that it took me a minute or two to break it with my fork. My friend had the mushroom soup appetizer, which was over salted, his pork entree was dry and his lemon chess tart was hard as well.

I get the feeling that Vidalia treats restaurant week as a cattle call and obviously doesn't care that much how it showcases itself. I have been to many fine restaurants in DC and throughout the world--Vidalia pales in comparison to even the below average ones I have encountered.

Amber Burnette

Hello all. So far, I've had one amazing RW experience, and one awful one.

AMAZING - Dinner last night at Rasika (6:15 pm). Very attentive service, excellent recommendations - the talak chaat (spinach appetizer), black cod, and galub jamun dessert were all very flavorful, wonderfully balanced, and well-proportioned. My dining companion is Gujarati (Indian) and tends to be very picky, and she was impressed with the flavor and freshness of the food (though it was not as spicy as her home-cooked cuisine.) :) She is also strict vegan, and they made some nice substitutions to accomodate her with no fuss whatsoever.

AWFUL - On the other hand, Mie N Yu for brunch today was the first dining experience that I have almost walked out of. They couldn't find our open-table reservation and made us wait for 15 min before seating us, then the server gave us attitude about my husband's request for a non-lactose containing dessert course. After waiting 40 minutes without any food, we flagged down another waiter to bring us our 1st course (smoothies!). Thirty min later, my husband flagged her down again and mentioned that we had been there for an hour and were still waiting for the remainder of our food. The server said, "No you haven't," and walked away. My husband spoke to the hostess, and suddenly our food appeared, followed promptly by the dessert course, each delivered by the hostess. The staff's explanation was that there were 200 people in the restaurant and the server was "Eastern European", as if that somehow explained the entire staff's overall inefficiency and rudeness toward their patrons. At some point, the original server returned and explained that the rude server was "her friend, and a very nice person" who was having a bad moment. We couldn't get out of there fast enough. We did receive a $25 gift card, though I have no intention of ever going back there to use it. I was very happy that we experienced Rasika last night, because today's experience was by far the most frustrating and disappointing I've had in DC.


I'm glad (and sad) I'm not the only one that had a lactose-intolerance problem with RW.

I have generally been very lucky with my allergy issues here in DC. Most restaurants appear willing and able -- without attitude -- to make changes to dishes or substitute things for me. But when the restaurants take a "I have created this masterpiece and you must not disturb it" attitude, it is totally infuriating.

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