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Dec 12, 2006



Viridian: Blechhh... I was really looking forward to it based on past great RW reviews. Something has changed since then. The menu offerings were excellent, the execution was not. Tasteless risotto accompanying the fist; overcooked pork medallions; sloppy tartare; and what it the world is the tasteless green gunk they serve with their bread? They called it their watercress and something stew. I called it awful.

Maybe the kitchen was just off that night, but I'll be hard pressed to give it another try. Too many other places worth trying in the DC area.


Did anyone try out Urbana? Or has anyone eaten there? They've extended their RW but they don't have any menus online.

BTW, Indebleu extended as well. I went last year and enjoyed. Menu: http://www.indebleu.net/WinterRestaurantWeekMenu.pdf


I've eaten at Urbana and thoroughly enjoyed my meal. The service was very friendly, not pretentious, and well versed on the food. Creative dishes, interesting decor, fun bar with good wine. I recommend it highly!


Does anyone know of the dates for Restaurant Week this summer? Will it be around the time of past summer's?


Yes it will. It's always in August and the exact dates won't be announced until July most likely.

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