Early Dino Dinner
DC Restaurant Week - Jan 2007

Lia's Revisited

While we were running some errands on Saturday, Amy and I stopped by Lia's in Friendship Heights again for lunch. My favorite thing to get there so far is the Filei Calabresi with a sweet and spicy pork sausage, juicy grape tomatoes and green peas. I especially like how the cooks don't pile on the sauce and let the the other ingredients flavor the dish. I think you'll find that the portions of the pasta entrees are big enough to share with someone else, and Amy and I have been able to share this dish both times we've eaten it.

Start with the arugula salad, add a couple glasses of wine, and you've got yourself a mighty fine lunch. But add too many glasses of wine, and suddenly you're wondering how a quick $20 lunch turned into a $60 one...


Richard Armstrong

I really like their fettucine with wild mushroom, too ... even though it's identical to the one they serve at their alter ego location, Chef Geoff. I like the dish so much, I can't help but order it at both places.

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