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Valentine's Day 2007

Extended DC Restaurant Week

Like past Restaurant Weeks, a few restaurants have extended the deal for another week and some for the entire month. Here's the list and the details about each.

Whole Month of January:
Colvin Run Tavern
PS 7's
Urbana (though March 31st!)

Extra Week:
ButterField 9
Farrah Olivia
Mie n Yu
Willow (until the Jan 20th)



Jim Collins

I thought PS 7 extended also?

Jim Collins

Yes! PS 7 extended through the end of the month:


Jim Collins

Fine, Im basically eating a side of bacon, I KNOW that, leave me alone...
"Cider Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly
Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Caraway Scented Savoy Cabbage and Spiced Apple Chutney"


Yep. Left PS 7's off by mistake. I actually had a chance to eat there last week and it was pretty good. I had the duck breast which is surprisingly similar to the duck recipe I got off Epicurious a couple weeks ago...And I also liked the Monkfish.

It's possible someone didn't show up, but it took forever for me to get a drink at the bar. That was the only problem that night though.


I haven't seen any RW reviews of Farrah Olivia's? Someone must have gone! Is it worth the trip?

jim collins

Cabanas through Jan. 21 (lunch and dinner)
IndeBleu through Jan. 17 (dinner) and Jan. 19 (lunch)
Nick's Riverside Grille through Jan. 21 (lunch and dinner)
Urbana (dinner menu through March 31)
The Oval Room is closed Monday, but offers the special lunch Tuesday through Friday and dinner Tuesday through Saturday.


I'd note to those interested in this and aren't aware - Cafe Atlantico has an awesome pre-theater menu for like $27. Had I known about this, I may have not made it one of my RW destinations.


I went to Farrah Olivia for lunch last week, and it was awesome! I would highly recommend trying it during RW. Started with goat cheese potstickers, entree of Alaskan salmon, and berry dessert - everything was very flavorful (the only con is small portions, but when you have 3 courses you don't notice that so much). Definitely my best RW experience.

jim collins

Not really an extension but...
Tosca pre-theatre tasting
Available daily from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm $35.00
Ravioli di vitello e prosciutto con il sugo d'arrosto al burro, salvia e parmigiano
Ravioli filled with roasted veal and prosciutto, with a red wine reduction, butter, fresh sage and Parmesan cheese

Filetto di maiale in crosta di erbe con patate all'aglio arrosto, germogli di senape e salsa al tartufo nero
Pork tenderloin in an herb crust, with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed Mustard greens and black truffle sauce

There I go drooling on my keyboard again...



Went to Farrah Olivia last week. Loved it! I have a review up on my blog, please come check it out. Also went to Zaytinya...pretty good.


jim collins

Went to PS 7 tonight, had the portabella carpaccio salad (good) and the pork belly. The pork belly was fantastic but small, like an appetizer. It was, however, served in a ginormous bowl. (http://flickr.com/photos/73852597@N00/362980539/) Its really hard to tell from the menu what size you can expect to get. I had to go to California Tortilla afterwards because I was still pretty hungry and I had already dropped like $50.

jim collins

remove the trailing ")" from the link above to see the pork belly

jim collins

Extended to the end of March!

January 8 thru January 16. 21P will extend restaurant week to the end of March. 3 Courses for $30. When you order and request the Restaurant Week special, you will receive complimentary 4th course. See our special menu:

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