Bethesda Restaurant Week - Jan 2007
February 2007 Food Charity

Silver Spring Restaurant Week January 2007

Yes, Silver Spring has hopped on the Restaurant Week bandwagon with their own February 5th through 11th, and if you guys think that I'm going to do my normal research fury that I do for DC or Bethesda Restaurant Week, well then you're nuts. What's next? Greenbelt Restaurant Week? Wait! There probably already is one.

Currently there are 24 restaurants participating including Cubano's, Jackie's, Mrs. K's Toll House and...Red Lobster. Here's the full list of restaurants.


Heather B.

Red Lobster? Seriously?

antonio burrell

Cmon....Red Lobster doesn't......suck.....that.....bad......


I thought you wrote restaurant reviews...

when do you start again?


Soon. Very soon. I don't have the luxury of having a lot of spare time lately.

Someone who doesn't live in Silver Spring

I don't care whether you write it up or not, but why do you have to dis on Silver Spring? Have they offended you in some way? You get a traffic ticket there or something? And if Greenbelt wanted to have a restaurant week, more power to 'em. Don't be so hard on yourself. Nobody expects the VIP treatment for every little thing, I'm just glad you mentioned this because I didn't know about it before!


No one was dissing Silver Spring. You're right, more power too them. But I'm not calling around and emailing each restaurant like I do for DC Restaurant Week, because I'm just beat.

Jill from Greenbelt

Too funny, restaurant week in Greenbelt. Have you been to the New Deal Café to eat? It might be a little too hippy for your taste, but it is pretty kid friendly. Here is some trivia, did you know former Washington Post food critic Phyllis C. Richman grew up in Greenbelt? Thanks for your blog, even though I don’t get to DC to eat much I like to fantasize.



I think any place - hippy or no - that one can refer to as 'kid friendly' (and mean it as a good thing) shouldn't be considered a restaurant worthy of coverage.


Thanks for the comment and all but you're wrong. 2Amys, Dino, Cafe Saint Ex, Ray's the Steaks -- just a few places that are very kid friendly and very worthy of coverage...


It's a little out of the way from the downtown area but Red Dog Cafe is a gem. I've had nothing but great experiances there.

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