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Feb 08, 2007



Now now Jason. Those restaurants aren't five minutes from each other in any combination, so you must live in like, some floating house above Montgomery County :) Just playin. May we suggest Jackie's and Black's as your list to try and review?


The way I drive they are. ;)

Heather B.

I saw the menu for amici mei and it sounds delish. One day I'll try it when I'm not in some mad rush out there.


Thanks for this--I've been looking for a new Italian place in the neighborhood. And yes I have to agree these places are a bit farther apart than 5 minutes, but since you do such good work for the community we can grant you a pass. I'm looking forward to more Mo. Co. recommendations.


Hi- I am in DC on business from Philly/South Jersey area and wondering if you can make a recomendation for anything in downtown. I would like to come in below 100.00 as much as possible w/o drinks. We like just about anything-Sushi-Italian-Indian-Mexican with our faves being Italian and Mexican.
Your space came up 1st in a google search!
We are staying @ Capital Hyatt and will be out and about the tourist sites on Sat...any lunch suggestions w/b great as well!!!


I am very surprised by this recommendation of Amici Miei. I think the food is very disappointing. The pizza was doughy and had mp taste. The "basil" pizza had only one leaf of basil in the middle. The eggplant parm was soggy and the pasta was mealy and also tasteless. The service was nonexistent. Even by surburbia standards, this italian food was sub-par. We will never be back.


I dined at Amici Miei tonight. The service was pretty bad. Besides having a difficult time understanding the waiter through a heavy hispanic accent, I sat for 5 minutes before anyone came over to my table to bring water, bread, etc. Not very attentive at all. I had a salad, a pizza, and a glass of Sangiovese red wine. The pizza was outstanding. The wine left a good amount of residue in the bottom of the glass. I don't think that is a sign of decent glass of wine. Anyway...I may return, but something needs to be done about the service.

Mike Bober

Steve - I can't speak to the service or the food at Amici Mei, but I can speak to the sediment in your Sangiovese.

That is not necessarily a sign of poor quality. Many Italian red wines are unfiltered, which means that a certain amount of the 'must' (skins, pulp, etc.) can make it into the bottles. It doesn't really hurt the quality of the wine, but it makes for a messy (and unpleasant looking) finish.

If you know a bottle is going to have sediment in it (or suspect as much), the best bet is to pour it through a strainer when decanting the bottle. That will catch the sediment before it makes it into your glass.

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