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Feb 04, 2007



Jason, I've said this already, but this is really a great thing you are doing. I know these organizations appreciate. I'll be sure to click on ads every time I visit.

Joe Hoya


Great choice! After our original wedding caterer backed out on us, we ended up using Fresh Start, the DC Central Kitchen's catering program (which was then headed by Fariz Mambu). Their food was very well done and the service was spot-on.

We've even kept in touch with Fariz since then because he was such a big help in making our reception a success.

I'm definitely going to be doing my share of clicking this month to help out the folks at the DC Central Kitchen.


Hey, I really like your site, but I wanted to suggest you take down the language where you ask visitors to click on the ads. I used to work for Google and if you check your AdSense ToS form, they call that "inciting to click." AdSense performs routine checks of the sites in their network (please trust me on this) and they can and do kick people out of AdSense for it. They'll usually warn you first, but they don't warn twice. I appreciate you passing the money on to charity and I'd love to make sure you're still able to do it. Thanks, keep up the good work.

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