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Feb 27, 2007


Jon F.

Generally, gnocchi is supposed to be pretty dense. Potato gnocchi, that is. Ricotta gnocchi is another story.


Ever tried the homemade gnocchi at Palena, Amici Miei, or Cafe St. Ex? All potato gnocchi that are pillow-y soft...As far as I know, none of them are ricotta gnocchi.


Nooooooooo! Don't tell them about Il Pizzico! It's one of my favorite restaurants! LOVE it! But, as you know, they don't take rezzies...so if you keep telling everyone how awesome they are...regulars like us will never get a table!


I love this restaurant. It's one of my top 10.

Jon F.

1) Go to Italy. Eat gnocchi.

2) Been to Palena and St Ex. Palena is potato and ricotta, and St. Ex is definitely a little denser.

3) Pillowy. No dash.


:) I don't have to go to Italy to know good gnocchi when I taste it. Dense is one thing -- chewy and heavy is another. Try some gnocchi out of the refrigerator case at your local supermarket, and that's what they tasted like.

(And pillow-y can have a dash if I want it to on my blog.)


Washingtonian's "Cheap Eats" issue is out, and Il Pizzico made the list. I've been there, and while it's amazing and I love it, I don't know about cheap. At least Washingtonian finally recognized it somehow -- I still think it should have been on their "Best Restaurants" list instead.


I know and I was happy to see it on that list. I think in order for a restaurant to qualify for cheap eats you have to be able to eat there for $55 for two people including tax and tip. If you skip wine, then you can do it pretty easy there if you stick with the pastas. I rarely leave without spending close to $100 there though, but half of that can be the wine sometimes. ;)


We have eaten at Il Pizzico several times, but tonight was a real let down. Our serverr brought me the wrong dish, instead of holding up the other two people I was dining with I took the dish. When we ordered desert, they were out of the desert that two of us ordered. The server did not ask us if we wanted anything else, he just gave us the one desert and comped it. Then to top it off, when we got the check, he charged us for the dish I got mistakenly and the dish I had originaly ordered and did not recive.

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