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Mar 30, 2007



i love Black's Bar and Kitchen, and I've been there several times for lunch and once for dinner. The only problem is: the last time 5 friends and I were there for happy hour/dinner, we all food poisoning from the oysters. Violently violently sick. Everything tasted great going down, but 24 hours later, ehhhh....


Food poisoning is tough to track down or even prove. I've gotten sick after eating at restaurants before...but I can never tell if it's the food I ate or some bug that my son gave me. It's quite possible that one of you gave the rest of you the same bug, especially considering the timing of when you got sick. Then again, it could've been the oysters. After all, we aren't in a month ending in an "R". Here's some good info on when you can eat oysters.


I had the same food-poisoning experience as dan above. A group of six people went and had oysters there. Twenty-four hours later and we were all violently ill. We concluded that it had to be Black's because everyone only tangentially knew the others in the party. And we all got sick at the same time and had the same symptoms. It was definitely Black's. I will not be going back.


Black's is great! You need to try the Carolina Mountain Trout. And the tuna is excellent every time.

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