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Mar 15, 2007



Patagonian toothfish is actually Chilean sea bass, the name was just changed a while back b/c no one thought fine diners would appreciate eating something with such an ugly name. It's also one of the least environmentally sound seafood choices right now (www.blueocean.org).


Its a frickin' Chilean Sea Bass. Jeebus. I'm all for truth in advertising, and I realize the disambiguation is necessary biologically, but restauranteurs ought to market on their menus the most commonly-used name rather than confuse diners.


I organized my team holiday dinner at Farrah Olivia. We all had such an amazing dining experience. Chef Morou even came out to greet us. He's such a talented chef and so unpretentious. He gave us his secret on his "caviar balls" that literally burst in your mouth with flavor. He uses 1 tsp Agar powder to 1 cup flavored water and the droplets go into room temperature oil, where they solidify. I have yet to try this.

I highly recommend this restaurant...and folks should go b/f his prices get higher! All the unique flavors you will taste in one night are nothing like you have had before, and the beautiful presentations of the courses are works of art.

My question all night..."How did he think of that??"


The appetizer portion sizes may be small, but the food is absolutely fantastic. There are so few restaurants in DC that serve food that makes the mouth go "Wow!" This is one of them. A pricey meal but well worth it.

Matthew Murphy

The four course meal was less than memorable. The heirloom tomato capresse with diced watermelon was totally lacking in flavor. Salt and pepper please (which were no where to be seen)? The painted gazpacho was agreeable at first, but became gradually less palatable. Less salt please. The pimenton-like flavor was the only saving grace. The ginger cheescake was no more memorable than what I could have ordered at The Cheesecake Factory.

On a positive observation, the orange scented salmon was tasty. The fermented yucca couscous was delicious and the texture most inventive. My panna cotta was also satisfying with a herb reduction. Was that basil?

And on a final note, the service was slow. If one has a late movie or theatre showing, plan ample amount of time. Apparently two hours wasn't sufficient as service was very slow.

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