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Apr 03, 2007



Thank you for running such a great blog! I bought tickets as soon as I read about Taste of the Nation as your charity for last month. I'm really looking forward to it!


Me too! See you there...


Jason, any highlights for you from the event? For me, I think: (1) Farrah Olivia's 2 offerings -- first, I believe a piece of raw salmon, with toasted couscous and smoked shrimp roe (the latter which I never knew existed), and for dessert a banana mousse cake with chocolate and passion fruit reductions; (2) PS7's various chocolates, caramels, etc. (Naomi is just amazing!) and lobster boudin; (3) Butterfield 9's roasted beet gateau with blue cheese fondue, lavender, and honey; and (4) Capital Grille's lobster mac & cheese.


Best Tasting:
A close tie between Cathal's Short Rib and Creamy Polenta and Morou's salmon and crispy couscous.

Most Creative:
Easily Butterfield 9's Roasted Beats

Best Dessert:
Hook's Nutella Cream Puff. I asked if they'd be on the menu when Hook opens and I got no definitive answer.

Best Drink:
Whatever that concoction was that PX was making in the Tiki Lounge. Rum, Pineapple, some kind of foam. Luckily they closed down early otherwise I'd have a massive hangover this morning.


I'll add that just about everything I had at the event was good. I don't want to forget the Burrata mozzarella and farro salad that Dino was serving, the scallop with sea beans that Hanks' Oyster Bar had and the country pate that Mendocino served. Oh and Hook's cold crab soup was delicious.


Yes, forgot the Burrata at Dino and Hank's scallop and sea beans. Somehow missed Eve's short ribs and polenta. The drink that Todd Thrasher was mixing I believe he told me is called a Pino Picante. From what I understand, saw, tasted, and otherwise think, it included pineapple juice somehow flavored with cilantro, rum, a few drops of citric acid, a splash of sparkling wine, and something a little spicy that added the picante. No idea what the foam was, though, either.


Todd's concoction was Cruzan rum, pineapple foam, habanero sauce (I think), sparkling wine I think it was prosecco, cilantro oil. Damn strong and =I asked for a light one. Central poured nice Pimm's cup too. Panther Creek Pinot was pretty yummy on the drink front.

I was blown away by Moru's crunchy cous cous and the smoked shrimp although the salmon itself was just OK. I loved the crab rolls from Willow (I think), the spoons of tuna with blood orange from 1789, the rabbit pate from Mendocino. Hanks scallop with sea beans was simple and yummy as well. Passed on desserts.

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