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DC Restaurant Week August 2007

Moti's Falafel Stand

If you love Amsterdam Falafel and you happen to be in the Rockville area around lunchtime, you might want to check out Moti's Falafel Stand which opened recently on Rollins Ave. in Rockville. The falafel comes in freshly baked pita bread with or without hummus for $4.99. You can also top the falafel with an assortment of other condiments like cucumber salad or pickled onions from the toppings bar for example.

I stopped by after I spotted the sign "Moti's Falafel Stand - The Best Around!", next door to the Kosher Mart as I was driving by on Sunday afternoon. "Hmm, that's a bold statement" I said to myself.

When I drove by, the sign said that they were open, but by the time I parked and walked up to the door the manager was locking the door. I was let in anyway. I'm sure the falafel wasn't the freshest that it could've been on the Sunday at 4 right before closing, but it hit the spot none the less. Finish it off with a Dr. Brown's Black Cherry soda for dessert and you've got yourself a mighty fine lunch.

They also have Schwarma and Schnitzel available for $5.99 and $6.99. Or you can get a hot dog for $0.99, and if that's not enough for you, get an order of fries on the side.

Moti's Falafel Stand
184 Rollins Avenue
Rockville, MD 20852
(301) 468-4840



Is it run by the people at koshermart? Or just conveniently located next door?


It's run by Koshermart I believe.


Hey whats up guys & gals, just a random fan in the DC area, we dont have to many smaller chains for good burrittos around here but what we do have is larger chains. California Tortilla has become one of my favorite mexican restraunts to go to now adays. Just wondering if you knew any one in the DC area and to give you the heads up that Cal Tor California Tortilla that is, is opening two new stores in ym area one in Annapolis and one in Richmond, and i heard that nationwide Cal Tor is having a little game of rock paper scissors, if you beat the cashier in that game you get a dollar off your meal how awesome is that, who else is that creative right, anywho just wanted to hit ya up and see if any loyal fans would want to know about these new openings.


Hey that phone number is incorrect. It should be 301.468.48.40 and they do take credit card.


I updated the number. The old one was definitely not the right number. I think I put their fax number up there by mistake. Thanks for the heads up.


I checked this place out and it's *yummy*. The shawarma is really good -- better than Lebanese Taverna (just down the street). And the fries are battered. The toppings bar had fried eggplant which was a real treat. Definitely going back again.


The Best Shawarmas I have ever had, are at Max's Kosher Market in Wheaton, MD. Try them out.


Anyone who likes falafel should seriously try the falafel guy in Baltimore. i believe the stand is called simply falafel and he sets up right outside of Hopkins Medical on most days. His falafels blow Moti's away!


FYI, they just closed down like a week ago.


Really? I haven't been in a while. That's too bad.

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