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Jun 08, 2007



Dino will be offering Restaurant Week the entire month of August.


I'm also excited to see that there's a Best Vegetarian Restaurant Contest going on right now -- you can vote before June 30 on www.VegDC.com.

I won't tell you who I voted for, but I can say I'm going there today for lunch to chow down on a veggie chili dog smothered in vegan cheese!

OK, fine. I'll tell you: Sticky Fingers Bakery ...


Does anyone know when the Summer Restaurant Week restaurants will be posted?


Suggest you make your reservations now based on which ones participatd last year. The same restaurants usually participate year after year, and the best ones fill up fast.


Two questions:
-Can you start making reservations for restaurant week this far in advance?
-I recently moved to DC and don't know what the good restaurants are, what do people recommend for restaurant week?


DC Foodie may have more to say about this, but restaurants that are usually good may not always be the best choice for restaurant week. I came across this list on Chowhound: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/311574


Yes, you can make reservations now assuming the restaurant takes them this far in advance. so far I know that two places are participating. Dino and PS 7. Based on my past experiences, Corduroy, Dino, Tosca, Vidalia, and Fahrenheit are good choices. I tried Farrah Olivia last year and it was great, but I don't know if they're participating this year yet. Of course you can just read my previous restaurant week posts here for all the historical details.


Psssst...The list has been announced.


Or you could just go to OpenTable - they've already got their Restaurant Week search set up.


Hmm. Hook is participating. That might be a good one to try depending on what they're offering...


I don't see Corduroy on the RW list on Open table, nor Nora or CityZen - anyone know if they're participating this time?


Meg - Corduroy is listed at Washington.org's page announcing the participating restaurants (http://www.washington.org/restaurantwk). If they're not showing up on OpenTable, it may be that they're completely booked. No luck on CityZen or Nora, though, which is a shame because I made early reservations at both in the hope that they would be participating.


The Fourth Estate is using their whole menu plus 3 tasting menus for the $20.07 and the $30.07. They are also extending it for an extra week.


The Fourth Estate is using their whole menu plus 3 tasting menus for the $20.07 and the $30.07. They are also extending it for an extra week.

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