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Jun 21, 2007



My wife and I have followed your exploits here for a long while now (lurkers that we are) but I just wanted to chime in because I did *exactly* what you did on Wednesday night. Skipped breakfast, took a friend to Komi with Leila, basked in Johnny's glory. His secret's getting out more and more, and prices are indeed moving up, but man, for those special occasions, there is no substitute.

Also, 2 Amy's is a gift from God.

We have eerily similar tastes sometimes :-).

Adam and Leila in Cleveland Park

Heather B.


Now I'm weeping. And Johnny, oh Johnny, le sigh. Thank you again.


We went to Komi a couple of weeks ago, and the menu (the mezze included) was identical.

It was pretty amazing, though they cut out the cheese course in the set menu that had been there at our last trip in February.


I've been reading your posts for over a year now, and love your taste in food. I'm completely obsessed w/ 2 Amys...in fact went there twice on the same day as you, but a little later in the evening :) I'm there at least every two weeks.

My husband and I are finally planning a Komi outing for our anniversary this summer. Do you recommend the wine pairings? Are the pours sufficent to keep you going through the courses?


The wine pairings are definitely worth while. Derek is a very good Sommelier and knows what he's doing.


Where exactly can I send my resume regarding the baby sitter position? For dinner at Komi I will gladly wash dishes and possibly mow lawns. LOL

I have been waiting anxiously for your review and it did not disappoint. Your site had much to do with my trying Komi for the first time. Which certainly won't be my last.

Also I tend to think the price increase is mostly due to seeking quality ingredients more so then the recent publicity.
My gut tells me that unlike many chefs Johnny welcomes the attention. But it is not his driving force by any means.


Komi is a godsend. And, as such, I continue to cheer everytime Johnny gets good word of mouth for his amazing dishes.

Even so, I can't help but feel a twinge with each glowing review I read, because I know they're going to make it that much harder to get in next time I want to go!


I went to Komi for the first time last Friday and was amazed at how wonderful it was. The service was especially great: attentive but not intrusive and very knowledgeable about the food and wine.


The praise for Komi keeps on coming. In this month's issue of Bon Appetit, they are listed as one of a dozen of the country's best "Small Restaurants, Big Ideas."

No interior shots from Komi in the magazine, but you can read the online version of the article here: http://www.epicurious.com/bonappetit/features/small_restaurants_big_ideas


The price for Komi went up again!! Dinner $84 and Degustazione $105. They also changed their wine pairing option to 3 glasses for $36 and 5 glasses for $61. I'm finally going there for my wedding anniversary this Sat. I knew I shouldn't have waited this long.


We gotta get these magazines to stop giving Komi all this press. The price seems to go up everytime they get another mention. Latest one is Derek's mention in Wine and Spirits.


wow komi is getting so expensive. at 84$/person, it's now dangerously close to citronelle pricing...i remember eating there with my husband for less than 100$ total a year or two ago...

Rich From New York

I just felt I had to add a comment. In April 2006, I took a trip down to DC for the annual cherry blossom festival and was looking for a nice restaurant to eat at while in town with my girlfriend (now fiancee). At that time, your website and review helped me clinch my decision to make it Komi. The food was absolutely amazing, and I wanted to say a late thanks for helping me find my way there. If I am ever in DC again, I'm definitely planning to hit Komi up again, and it's always the place I recommend to people that I hear are going to DC.


Glad to be of service Rich and very glad you liked your meal at Komi, although I'm not surprised.


I will be dining at Komi in a couple weeks and was wondering does the $105 Degustazione menu include the wine tating too?

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