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A Culinary Jouney to the Chesapeake Bay Region

Culinarymain_2 Here's an interesting event happening on August 11th that I thought you'd be interested in.

Todd and Ellen Gray of Equinox Restaurant are hosting an all day culinary retreat to Bodkin Point, MD. Guests will be chauffeured to Bodkin Point via luxury motor coach, where they will be taken on a tour of the Severna Park farmers market while Todd Gray explains how to conceive of and create a meal based on the freshest ingredients on hand. After that, everyone will have an opportunity to swim and enjoy the surrounding retreat until it's time for the hands-on cooking lesson where everyone will work with Todd to create a three course meal that was conceived of that morning at the farmers market. He will walk you through appropriate wine pairings for each for the afternoon’s courses before sitting down to enjoy a late-afternoon lunch.

The trip costs $190 per person, or $350 for two. For more information on the trip go here or contact Ellen Gray at



Hi Jason,

Do you know where I can find out which D.C. restaurants will have "restaurant month" specials instead of just "restaurant week" deals? It looks like Oya is one such restaurant, but I'm wondering if there are others. Thanks!


My post is about to go up with the details about ALL of the restaurants. Stay tuned.


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