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DC Restaurant Week Menus for Summer 2007

Click for the most recent DC Restaurant Week Information.

Here's all the information that I could find on what everyone is offering during DC Restaurant Week. I'll be updating this as I get more information from restaurants. Let the games begin!

I thought it would be helpful for everyone if I gave a summary of who was extending the DC Restaurant Week deal to help with making reservations.

Full Month of August and More
Oya - August 1st through Sept 9th

Full Month of August
Petit Plats (Except no lunch Monday through Friday, the 13th through the 31st)

Extra 3 Weeks
Farrah Olivia - August 1 through August 26th

Extra 2 Weeks
Butterfield 9 - July 30th through August 19th
Jaleo - August 6th through August 25th
Oyamel - August 6th through August 25th

Zaytinya - August 6th through August 25th

Extra Week
Grillfish - August 6th through August 19th
Il Mulino - August 6th through August 19th
Indebleu - August 6th through August 19th
Merkado - August 6th through August 19th
Mie n Yu - August 6th through August 19th
New Heights - August 6th through August 18th
Posh - August 6th through August 18th
PS 7's - August 6th through August 18th
Ristorante Piccolo - August 6th through the 18th
Tuscana West - August 6th through the 18th
Willow - August 6th through August 19th

DC Restaurant Week Menus

701 Restaurant
701's DC Restaurant Week menu is on their web site. Click on the events link to see the menu.

Acadiana, Ceiba, DC Coast, Ten Penh
The Passion Food restaurants usually offer a good portion of their menu for DC Restaurant Week and I always hear good stories from people that dine there this time of the year, although it's been a while since I've dined at any of them myself. Check their web sites for more detailed information about their menus and hours.

America Restaurant
Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu

Ardeo, Bardeo
Ardeo and Bardeo will be offering their dinner full menu for DC Restaurant Week. See their web site for their current dinner menu and hours.

Aria Trattoria
Dinner menu is here.

Beacon Bar and Grill
Beacon Bar and Fill is offering their full lunch and dinner menus for DC Restaurant Week. Their latest menu's are on their web site.

Bistro 123
Bistro 123's DC Restaurant Week menu is available on their web site.

Bistro 525
DC Restaurant Week menus are available on Bistro 525's web site.

Bistro Bis and Vidialia
Bistro Bis' DC Restaurant Week menu
Vidalia's DC Restaurant Week menu

BLT Steak
Lunch and Dinner menu available here.

Bombay Club
Lunch and Dinner menus for Bombay Club's DC Restaurant Week offering are available on their web site if you can make it through the flash... Click "Enter" on the main screen, then click "Events".

Butterfield 9
Butterfield 9 is offering DC Restaurant Week from July 30th through August 19th!
Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu

Ceviche (Silver Spring)
Ceviche is offering DC Restaurant Week through the entire month of August. Here is the menu they'll have.

Charlie Palmer Steak
Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu

Chef Geoff's and Lia's
Chef Geoff's offers a very large menu for DC Restaurant Week. Here are the lunch and dinner DC Restaurant Week menus for their different locations.
Chef Geoff's Downtown
Chef Geoff's Upper NW


Circle Bistro and Notti Bianche
Circle Bistro has always been on of my favorite restaurants in the city, and usually offers their full menu for DC Restaurant Week as is it's sister restaurant, Notti Bianche. The latest copy of their menus can be found on their web sites here and here.

Corduroy always offers their full menu (although I haven't received confirmation of this from anyone at the restaurant, so please call and check before making a reservation) for DC Restaurant Week with a couple up charges for the more expensive items. This is definitely a must for the first time DC Restaurant Week diner. I've always had good experiences at Corduroy during DC Restaurant Week.

Dino is offering their DC Restaurant Week menu for the full month of August. Yes. The full month! And, Dino's entire menu will be available. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this. If you go on Sunday, Monday or Wednesday, you can take advantage of Dino's Wine Madness which lets you take 1/3 off any wines over $50.

Uhm...Equinox is participating in DC Restaurant Week?! This is out the ordinary to say the least. If there are still some available, make your reservation NOW! Menu available here.

Farrah Olivia
Farrah Olivia is offering DC Restaurant Week from August 1st through August 26th! Last DC Restaurant Week, Farrah Olivia offered their entire menu, with a few up charges for some of the more expensive items. Their current menus can be found on their web site.

Filomena's DC Restaurant Week menu can be found on their web site.

Georgia Brown's
The DC Restaurant Week menu for dinner at Georgia Brown's is on there web site.

Grillfish is extending DC Restaurant Week for an additional week, but I have not received the menu and I don't know if they're offering their whole menu.

Hook will be changing their menu almost daily, so don't bet on seeing their menu here. The word is you'll get a choice of 3 entrees, 3 desserts and your choice of any crudo or appetizer for the first course.

I Ricchi
I Ricchi is opening up their entire menu for DC Restaurant Week. I apologize to anyone I mislead about this one. I Ricchi is NOT offering their full menu, but they are offering a partial menu. Click here to see their DC Restaurant Week menu.

Il Mulino
Participating in DC Restaurant Week for the first time in DC, Il Mulino is extending the deal an extra week. Their lunch and dinner menu can be found here.

Extending DC Restaurant Week through August 19th. Their menu is here.

Indique and Indique Heights
Indique is only participating in DC Restaurant for dinner but Indique Heights is participating in Lunch and dinner. Their menu's are here, and here respectively.

Jaleo - Bethesda, Crystal City, Downtown
For DC Restaurant Week, Jaleo is giving you the choice of 1 cold tapa, 1 seasonal tapa, and 1 hot tapa, which isn't exactly the best deal, but their web site says they're extending their offering through the 25th of August.

Kaz Sushi Bistro
Kaz's DC Restaurant Week offering can be found here on their web site.

La Tasca
Every Wednesday, La Tasca offers an unlimited tapas menu. The select menu offers a variety of tapas including dessert and La Tasca is offering for the entire week of DC Restaurant Week. Unlimited sangria will also be available for $10 a person. Here's there menu for the week.

Lima's dinner menu for DC Restaurant Week can be found here.

Merkado is extending DC Restaurant Week for an additional week, but I have not received the menu and I don't know if they're offering their whole menu.

Mie n Yu
DC Restaurant Week menus for Lunch and Dinner available on Mie n Yu's web site. They're also extending their offering through the 19th.

Mio Restaurant
Lunch and Dinner menus are here.

The Monocle Restaurant
Menu's for lunch and dinner are available here and here respectively.

New Heights
The New Heights is extending their Restaurant Week menu through August 18th. Their dinner menu for DC Restaurant Week can be found on their web site.

Oval Room
To find the Oval Room Restaurant Week menu, go to their home page, and click "Events" and then "Restaurant Week".

Oya Restaurant and Lounge
Oya is offering Restaurant Week for an unprecedented August 1st through September 9th. There menu is here.

Like it's sister restaurant, Jaleo, Oyamel is extending Restaurant Week until the 25th. Their menu is not on their web site though.

Perry's is offering most of their normal menu with a few surcharges. Although, I went to Perry's last DC Restaurant Week, and I thought that they had cut back on the portion sizes. Hopefully they don't do the same thing this time.

Petit Plats
Petit Plats' lunch and dinner menu for DC Restaurant Week are the same and they're extending the offer through August 25th for the whole month of August. Petit Plats will be closed for lunch Monday through Friday, from the 13th through the 31st of August.

Entending their DC Restaurant Week offering for lunch and dinner for the entire month of August. Their menu is here.

Posh has extended DC Restaurant Week through August 18th. They're offering a limited menu which can be found here. Make your reservation now, because they're already on a waiting list for the first week of DC Restaurant Week.

The Prime Rib
Lunch and dinner menus on their web site.

PS 7's
PS 7's is extending DC Restaurant Week through August 18th. They have a very extensive offering and it's worth the trip if you've never been there before. Their menu's are available on their web site here.

Rasika's menu for DC Restaurant Week is available on their web site (if you can stomach it). Click on "Events".

Ristorante Piccolo
Also, extending DC Restaurant Week and additional week for lunch and dinner. Their DC Restaurant Week menu is located here.

Ristorante Tosca
In past DC Restaurant Weeks, Tosca has offered their full menu and is a very good deal when you consider their normal prices. I haven't received confirmation that they are doing the same thing this summer, so call and confirm before making your reservation.

Rosa Mexicano
Rosa Mexicano's lunch and dinner menu is available here.

Taberna del Alabardero
Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu

Tuscana West
Tuscana West has extended DC Restaurant Week for an additional week. Here is their Restaurant Week Menu.

Dinner Appetizers
Spiced Mushroom Walnut Pate with braised and grilled cabage & truffle oil
Heirloom Tomato and Baby Fennel Ceviche with cumin roasted blue potatoes
Trio of Grilled Summer Melon with housemade green curry, basil & pepitas

Dinner Entrees
Roasted Corn, Avocado and Black Beans on a corn grit crust with herb salad & chipotle oil
Saute of Summer Squashes and Asian Greens in a cashew cream sauce with edamame & sage
Sesame Crusted Quinoa and Wild Rice Cakes with shiitake mushroom ragout & wilted greens

Dinner Desserts
Bergamot Basil Coconut Bars with sesame & gelato
Dark Chocolate Torte with ancho chiles, coriander oil & gingered peach sorbet
Blue Corn Biscuit and Seasonal Fruit with rosemary cardamom infused coconut milk

Willow is extending their DC Restaurant Week offer for another week plus they have a special wine tasting for an additiona $15. Here's the menu they'll be offering.

Like Oyamel and Jaleo, Zaytinya is extending DC Restaurant Week through the 25th of August. Their menu can be found here.



I hate to let everyone in on the secret, but Willow is fantastic. Best Restaurant Week experience I've had... they definitely don't treat you any differently just because you are coming in during RW. I'm vegetarian, so my RW options are limited (usually a "melange of seasonal vegetables," whatever a "melange" is... ugh, so not worth $30), but Willow always has some inventive vegetarian dishes on the menu and RW is no exception. Their wine pairing is pretty fun too, and they gave us quite generous pours. (The wines weren't anything super fancy, but still... $15 for three large glasses is a good deal.) I'm also going to Vidalia for the first time for Restaurant Week. Can't wait!


Tabaq has their listed at http://www.tabaqdc.com/files/2007RestaurantWeekMenu.pdf and you can find Viridians under their "events" link in their sidebar.


Any word on what Posh is offering for Restaurant Week? Alternately, has anyone been there? It sounds interesting, so we've booked a reservation for one night during RW - but if it's not worth the time, I'd rather bail on that one.


I was told my the manager that Post is completely booked for Restaurant Week, but the good news is that they are extending it an additional week.


Just made a few updates - added Oya, Aria, Ceviche, Il Mulino, and Posh. I also added a quick reference to the top to help everyone with their reservations.


Just added Indique and Indique Heights.


Thanks Jason! I'm hoping to go to Dino sometime soon, and am SO EXCITED for lunch at PS7's next week.


Hey y'all, don't forget that Baltimore Restaurant Week is happening just 30 minutes north of DC this week until August 5. Sandwiched between Bethesda's and DC's, that's three weeks of good, uncharacteristically inexpensive food!


Thanks for the info--so helpful! How is Il Ricchi? I met the owner's ex-husband's friends (phew, that's a mouthful) when I was in Tuscany last summer and I'm eager to try it. Also, does anyone know the name of the husband's new place???


I know Francesco Ricchi opened Cesco Trattoria in Bethesda with Roberto Donna a little while back...is that what you're looking for, or does he have a newer place?


Duh. He does have a newer place. It's called D'Acqua, and it's in the space that Signatures used to occupy on the Navy Memorial Plaza (something like 800 Pennsylvania Ave.). Sorry about that!






I was about to say...

That wouldn't surprise me, since the rest of their restaurants are doing that. However, Cafe Atlantico always has a price fixed 3 course menu. Cafe Atlantico is good, but it's not exactly a the best place to go during Restaurant Week.


Excited, as always, for restaurant week. Have reservations for Corduroy, Rasika (one of my favs), PS7s, and Ceiba. Corduroy is the only one I haven't been to before. Not working in the city anymore means that I don't get to take advantage of the lunch deals...boo!

I have a random non-DC-Restaurant week (hell, non DC related) question for you, Jason: Based on your reviews and my personal experiences, I think we have a lot of similar tastes in good food. That said, I'm goin gLas vegas for the first time next month - as a birthday present, with some friends - and I'm looking for any recommendations you might have. The number of restaurants in Vegas is overwhelming, and I'm not sure what's actually worth it.

Any suggestions?

Marilyn T.

Here are some excellent choices for dining in Las Vegas. We usually stay at the Venitian, and there are two restaurants that are out of this world. First is Aquanox. Upscale seafood. We have eaten there every time we go since we found it, last time in May and it is the first reservation we make every time we go to Las Vegas. Always inventive, fresh and outstanding. We also tried Mario Batali's new restaurant B & B. It was amazing. We did one of the tasing menus. It might have been even better than Aquanox.
There is also a casual and inexpensive Pan Asian called Noodle Asia on the casino floor that has excellent dumplings and noodle dishes.
Just saw a tv show that recommended three off the strip restaurants that are local favorites: Lotus of Siam, Firefly and Todd's Unique...


Just added Tuscana West, Pinzimini, and Ristorante Piccolo. Cheers!


Posh has yet to post their Restaurant Week menu on their website, and I'm growing more and more skeptical that they're going to be worth the RW try. Any insight, Jason? Anyone else been there?


I have their menu posted above...Is that what you're looking for?


Thanks, Jason. I called them last Friday and the person I spoke to told me that they hadn't set their RW menu yet. Guess she didn't ask the right person.

jim collins

Had dinner at Tosca tonight it was awesome. The polenta with veal cheek was fantastic.


Had lunch @ Farrah Oliva today--their RW lunch menu is no different from their regular menu: 3 courses for $20 2 for $16 or $17. Food was very good, but the unpleasant attitude from waiter made me question my taking the trip to Alexandria. Dinner had a RW-specific menu it seemed.

jim collins

Has anyone tried Fourth Estate at the national Press Club? The menu looks fantastic and there don't seem to be any upcharges.



So far I have had dinner at Bistro Bis and IndeBleu and was fairly impressed with both.

Bistro Bis was very nice and the service was actually excellent. I appreciate that they offer their whole menu, even if they have upcharges--I hate when there's something I really want to try on the real menu but no possibility of getting it on the RW menu. I loved the fish dish I had, although I'm now totally blanking on what it was...I want to say rockfish? Everything else was delicious, although not especially memorable.

Dinner at IndeBleu last night was really great too. I had read mixed reviews, especially during RW, but was happy with the experience. I had the mushroom dosa, the seared tuna, and the mango dessert. All of it was tasty and well presented, and the dosa was especially good. The portion size for the tuna was tiny given it's regular price; I hope that they downsized it for RW. It was, however, perfect for me as I usually struggle to eat three courses.

I'm going to Colvin Run on Thursday and Hook on Saturday and hope that these experiences will be pleasant as well.


Thanks for posting the extended list. This was exactly what I was looking for.


I just went to dinner to Bobby Van's Steakhouse yesterday and had the RW menu. It was the worst experiance I ever had. First off the waiter did not know what a salad consisted of, although he has been serving that salad all weeksinec there are only 2 options :) The bread was stale and dry, they probaly cut it and left it out in baskets all day. Then the steak. It was the worst steak I ever had. It was supposed to be a Filet Mignon, but tasted like a cut that was close to the liver. It looked and tasted like it was boiled and the mashed potatoes were cold. The spinach tasted like it was something you could buy frozen at Giant. For $30 I would prefer to go to my local Sweet Water Tavern and get an excellent steak that is a 10 oz size with a salad. We then decided we were absolutely not going to eat this and asked the waiter to chnage, which they did politly. I got the salmon and my friend got the crab cake. Full of filler. The salmon was the end cut that you should never serve at restaurants and was so think I could see through it.

I know that they are an expensive restaurant and that RW may not bring in as much revenue as if they were booked with regular crowd but if they do not intend to do a good job they should not participate in the RW. They still make a bulk load of money from assembly line cooking. I am really upset and intend to write them. I would never go there again to spend my money on a regular menu, even if it is better. Ruth's Chris and Smith and Wollensky both had excellent steak during restaurant week last year and thay made me want to go back another time.


A -- I have heard terrible things about Bobby Vans for the past several restaurant weeks. I've never gone during RW, but they are close to my old job so I had been there several times with work people (it never would have been my choice). I don't eat meat and the waiters (more than one on different occasions) would give me dirty looks for only ordering the salad... well, it's the only thing on your menu without meat in it! But aside from that, I don't remember anyone really enjoying a steak there (other dishes yes, but not steak), and considering it is a steakhouse, I wonder what the heck they are doing.


FYI. I just updated the listing for I Ricchi which is NOT offering their full menu. Sorry if I mislead anyone about that.


I just had lunch at Farrah Olivia and while the food was good, the service was less than palatable. I sat at the bar while waiting for my table (I showed up early), and while sitting there, two servers came to the bar to make drinks and neither acknowledged me. I figured its RW and they are still getting in the groove, so I asked the female server how she was and how was RW treating her. Her response: "It's been busy"...and then she walked off. I thought this was rather rude, but moreso, I didn't get a chance to order a glass of wine. Once seated, I waited 10 mintues to be greeted and my server's first words to me were "would you like tap water or bottled water?"...and so the meal went. I ordered the duck confit with braised belgian endive and blue cheese, which was quite good. For my main course I had the pork loin with sweet slaw and bacon lardons, which was also very tasty--the pork was tender and served with a savory sauce. For dessert, I had the creme brulee which had a rather unappealing taste--I was not a fan. But, my guest had the citrus cheesecake...I thought it was good, yet unremarkable.
Overall, there are too many good restaurants with good service in the area...unfortunately, I don't consider Farrah Olivia one of them.


I had lunch this week at Corduroy. It was by far the worst restaurant experience I've had in a while. My reservation was for 1:30 and the service was so slow I didn't get out of there until well after 3. My dish (nicoise salad) was so salty I couldn't eat it. The tuna was actually crunchy because there was so much salt. Also, the salad only had a few onions and 5 green beans. I could be wrong, but this was far from being a nicoise. The servers also played "deal a meal" with each course because they couldn't remember what we had. They also consisently gave us the wrong silverware for each meal. Did I mention the restaurant wasn't busy? There was no excuse. Over all, my suggestion is to avoid this place like the plague. Try Ceiba instead. Their restaurant week lunch is WONDERFUL!!!!

Jim Collins

Eating dinner at DC Restaurant week at Ardeo: $30.07
Eating a fantastic Kurobuta Pork Loin + upcharge + wine + tax + tip: $29.51
Meeting Ashok Bajaj: Free
Being comped a delicious dessert wine by Dave the Bartender to go with your Pear Upside-Down Cake: Priceless


I had a completely different experience than Amy at Corduroy. I went there for dinner on Monday, and each dish was great. At our table, we had the tuna, scallops, and lamb. On the other hand, Cafe Atlantico was very poor. The deconstructed pork chop was bland, as were the rice and beans that came with it. The salmon was also very bland. Only two desert options - chocolate cake and coconut ice crea - were available, and neither was impressive. This was my test run before signing up for Minibar, and now I doubt I'll go.


D - I've heard some other people have so-so experiences at ATlantico after being absolutely blown away by Minibar. It may just be that the lion's share of the attention goes to Minibar...

But if your experience makes you decide to pass on Minibar, that just means one less person for me to compete with for reservations!


A quick comment on Hook - I went there for lunch and it was very good. Two different crudo trios to choose from and 5 salads choices for the first course. 6 or 7 different entrees including wahoo, yellowfin, mackeral and bluefish (all which were delicious) and 2 desserts. So a bit more selection than predicted. of course, its thursday so anyone who was going to make reservations probably already made them :)


I'm disappointed to hear about someone's poor experience at Corduroy. My friends and I dined there on Monday night and had a wonderful experience. The service was great, even when one of our party was 20 mintues late. We were still treated perfectly. There were four of us, two people had the fresh tomato salad, which looked wonderful. Although everyone agreed that the Northern Neck Corn Chowder was the best 1st course at our table. I highly recommend it. All of our entrees were cooked perfectly, and of the four I highly recommend the Halibut. The highlight of the meal was the chocolate tart for dessert. We each ordered soemthing different, and all were good. But, the chocolate tart was phenomenal. All in all, a very solid dining experience, and, a full menu of choices to select from, as they have done in previous restaurant weeks.

Marsha from Miami

We just came from Il Ricchi. It's the worst meal we've had since we're in Washington. It's overpriced, pretentious, with mediocre service, obnoxious management, as well as charmlessly and ungraciously noisy and crowded. For the "bargain" price of what worked out to $40 person with wine, we couldn't get lemon for our water or ground pepper on our salad. Even ordering off the regular menu rather than the RW menu, I wasn't impressed. My side salad ($10.95) was pathetically wilted, and I sent it back for replacement. With all the excellent restaurants in Washington--and this is the first meal we've eaten that hasn't been spectacular, whether an elegant dinner at the Peacock Cafe in Georgetown(HIGHLY recommended for really elegant and gracious dining that Il Ricchi can't even aspire to), a zesty Ethiopian feast at Zed, or delicious Persian take-out from Moby Dick--whoever you are, you deserve better than Il Ricchi.


I had a not so wonderful RW experience at Butterfield 9. The food they offered was not worth the $30.07. I could have made the Tilapia myself and my friend was served an undercooked pork tenderloin. None of us dining at the table were impressed by the small portions and mediocre food. I would not recommend Butterfield 9 for RW.


I went to Colvin Run Tavern last night for dinner with two of my girlfriends. The food was good, but not great. We were a bit rushed at the beginning of our meal, but as the dining room started to empty out (our reservations were for 8:30) the service became better. I had the squid with green papaya salad to start, which was really delicious and perfectly cooked--not at all chewy. Next came the pistachio-crusted salmon, which was good but didn't blow me away. I saw someone else get served the cod and think I may have ordered wrong. My girlfriends really enjoyed the salmon tartare and ravioli appetizers, but were not crazy about their brisket entrees. They looked sort of gross to me, but I haven't eaten red meat in years so I don't think that means anything. We had two of the sour cherry creme brulees and one of the chocolate souffles for dessert, both of which were fine, but hardly impressive. While I don't generally order creme brulee, I had high expectations for this version, but unfortunately I found it just as boring as the version that is on every single halfway decent restaurant's menu, with just a few cherries thrown into the custard that seemed like an afterthought.

It was nice not to have to go downtown (as we live in Virginia), and overall I had a more or less pleasant experience, but wouldn't feel compelled to go back even if it were in my price range.


My experiences:

TenPenh, Ceiba, DC Coast: wonderful, as always. These guys know how to run RW - the same as any other week of the year!

Kinkead: slow and indifferent service...i had to beg for water. small entrees. $7 upcharge for lobster roll was a joke, it was mainly onion salad on a tiny hot dog role, HUGE dissapointment.

Butterfield 9: worst RW experience - had to wait 25 min to be seated, slow & inexperienced service, tiny portions, cold when meal arrived, then the coat check lost my coat for a half hour

Corduroy: best RW meal. waiter couldn't have been nicer, dinner was leisurely, excellent presentation, incredible taste. i will always go back!

BLT Steak: suprisingly good food & service, great atmosphere


Ardeo (went last night) has the full menu with only a few surcharges for restaurant week. It was really good, and a bit off the typical path if you can't get reservations elsewhere!


Dinner at Willow: Excellent. The scallops and steak both amazing and seemed like full portions. $15 each for wine pairings and they'll fill your glass up on the same course if you finish your wine.

Lunch at Colvin Run: Awesome...consistently one of the best RW experiences I have year after year. Duck confit crepes were amazing.

Lunch at BLT Steak: Eh. 2 ounces of gazpacho, a mediocre tiny hangar steak (chewy even by hangar steak standards - Ray's sets the bar for hangar steak), very good apricot tart dessert. Worth it for the popovers, though.

Heather B.

You're making me homesick...

Sadly there are no restaurants to have restaurant week with here in Upstate NY.

I so want to move back.


I'm new to DC RW, just wondering are the RW special served all night or just for a particular hours,say 6-8 or something. Thanks


I've never heard of a place limiting the RW offerings to a specific time period. Generally speaking, if they're participating during lunch, it's for the entire lunch service and if they're participating for dinner it's for the dinner service.


Went to Ardeo last night for RW and would rate it a B-. The restaurant itself was nice and the wait staff attentive, but the food was just ok. They did offer their whole menu - which was great - but the food was just OK and the desserts were a disaster!

Had a great experience at Bobby Van's last year and looking forward to Ruth Chris's later today :-)


Marsha re: I Ricchi, thank you for that! We had the same experience with I Ricchi!

The music was computerized MIDI classical music, the most recognizable passages of all trite classical music played during our short visit. The sparkling water was tepid, and cost 9.95. The omnipresent pretention was totally unfounded.

The limited menu seemed confining, so we added $18.95 Calamari which were acceptable.

The oversized shrimp dish contained bell peppers STILL carrying the produce sticker! We were offered no replacement or discount for this, the waiter removed the offending vegetable from my friend's plate and disappeared.



I've been to posh on numerous occassions. Great food. Enjoyable atmosphere and ambiance. If they have the french onion soup, or lobster bisque...definetely start with either one...amazingly scrumptious. Great entrees as well.


I called a few weeks ago for a RW reservation at Corduroy and was told that they were fully booked and were running it a second week so we are going this Wednesday. We loved it last time!


A friend and I went to Agraria this weekend and we both absolutely loved it. I can't believe how many people on this list got bad service at the restaurants they visited. Our server was faultless.

The food was out of this world. There were plenty of choices and the food was so fresh and well-prepared. I had what might have been the best piece of chicken I've ever had, on a bed of mashed potatoes and collard greens.

I'd go there again in a second and not just for restaurant week.

carolina m.

Lima is also extending until the 18th. I am going tonight- I hope it's good.

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