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Jul 20, 2007



I like Mia's as well.
One point - you are = you're, not your.


argh!!! thanks for being my temp editor...


I agree with you about the crust. You have to have good crust to make a good pizza. Was the salad replacation unsuccessful or did you just make too much of it?


Went to Mia's on Friday. Loved it. Had the cupcakes and the macaroni too. Excellent pic. I can't stop thinking about those cupcakes


The salad replication was somewhat successful, although I don't think the balsamic vinegar that I bought is nearly as good as what they use at Mia's. My tomatoes weren't as ripe either.


We love Mia's. My kids can't get enough of the foccacia, mac & cheese, and cupcakes. I love the balsamic syrup and olive oil that comes with the foccacia, the deviled eggs, meatballs, salads (especially the one with chopped beets), the sandwiches and the arrabiata pizza. I really miss the pizza with potatoes on it! The specials are almost always wonderful, too. I've had some great crostini concoctions and dessert delights from the specials menu.

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