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Jul 12, 2007



I used to live right on that corner, actually. If you're looking for a nice happy little corner, this may not be it. Just be on the lookout for some shadiness...


When was that? The neighborhood has come a long way.


I was there last nite too, I think I saw you, Jason. I live across the street and I agree with you - the neighborhood has come a long way in the year I have been here. Sure, it can be dicey at 3am, but so can Georgetown.

My meal was great - I had the sausage and peppers pizza. Service was a little slow, but that's to be expected on day 1. It's a great looking spot too - they did a great job. The outside deck is a great addition. Tons of beers too, and at the right price. I definitely see myself here once a week, no question.


The link at the end of your entry takes readers to a generic site. Amanda on Metrocurean has the link posted as: http://www.firebrickpizza.com/


Yeah, I know. I had that link originally too, but the menu last night said the web site I have above is the correct URL. Looks like someone needs to update their DNS settings. :)


www.redrocksdc.com is the website that James (the owner) conveyed to me back before they opened, I guess they changed it.


That firebrickpizza.com website goes to Red Rock, but none of the links seem to work there right now.

Any word on whether they'll be doing delivery?

Park Road Guy

Looks like they need to fix the website as well as the menu and beer list. Despite a popular opening, they seem to be struggling to get the handle on running the place. Opening night they ran out of dough, had less than half of the beers on the list, made an absurd amount of mistakes that must have cost them hundreds in comped drinks or meals and they don't seem to have any thing resembling a systemetized way of running the place. While that might seem normal for the first week, there are plenty of places in town that get it nearly right from the start because of good planning. This place has promise, but it needs some SERIOUS organization before it goes up in wood-oven flames.


While I agree that there are some opening week kinks that need working out, the staff was very polite/accomodating and the food was great! I do think that growing pains are normal, especially since this is an independant business, not some big corporate run biz with built-in rules and regs (think The Heights... which I found kinda of soul-less). Let's support local business in local neighborhoods!


I was there opening night and went back two nights later, this past Saturday. It's true that they had some issues to work out as they open, but seem to be getting up to speed quickly. From my experience Saturday, they really seem to be ironing out the kinks. The food is excellent, and the service, though a little slow on Thursday, is really great. Everyone there is super friendly and it feels so much like a neighborhood family establishment. It's a really nice spot and excellent food and beer. I think in a matter of a week or two, they'll get things worked out really well. I expect to be frequenting the place. Try the pesto pizza! And the Belgian white beer on tap--to die for!


Yes, things were rough on Thursday - food came out slow, but service made up for it and comped drinks weren't uncommon. It's my understanding that they only had one day of soft opening before opening to the public. Perhaps they should have done a few more days of soft service before opening up, but hindsight is much more valuable than foresight sometimes. It's good to hear that they're working out the kinks quickly though.


As most of you have stated there are some kinks that are being worked out, but I've been in the restaurant business for over 10 years now and I have seen some disasters. Give it a couple weeks and you'll see a place that is by far the best in the neighborhood. These guys have a GREAT place with an excellent wine and beer list. I'm from the NY/NJ area where pizza and italian cuisine is tops and these guys have the best I've tasted in my years since I've been home. No b.s. They are a sleeper in the DC restaurant market. Go there now and taste for yourself. In a couple months reservations will likely be a necessity after 7pm. I understand delivery is something we'll see in the near future (1-2 months).

Dean- DC Social Circles Group

Is this place metro accessible?

Does anybody know if they accept groups of more than 10? I'm looking to book about 15 seats for a social young professionals meetup that I run. Any feedback is appreciated.


The Columbia Heights Metro is about 4 or 5 blocks away.


I went with a big group (8) last week. I liked the restaurant generally. My appetizer and pizza were very good, and I liked the beer selection. Some people in my group, however, did not like their orders (i.e., overcooked). But I think we all agree that as the restaurant had only been open 6 days when we went, we would definitely give it another chance. I have a good feeling about this place and DC definitely needs good pizza places....


To Whom it May Concern:
My first dining experience at RedRocks can only be classified as the
worst service and food I have had since I've lived in DC. As a
Columbia Heights native, I cannot tell you how much my fiance and I
were looking forward to the restaurant's opening. We thought this
would be a great addition to Columbia Heights. However, after dining
at the restaurant on Saturday, November 2, I could not have been more
upset. I am not the type to write a review such as this one, but
because there was no manager present while we were there we thought we
should bring this to someone's attention.
First and foremost, the hostess was on crutches and could not
maneuver around the restaurant. So at our first reception, we were handed
menus and were told where to sit at the restaurant. As we walked
toward our table, the hostess barked directions to us across the bar.
We were uncomfortable and confused by this treatment.
Once at the table, our server (who we could not tell you his name,
because he never introduced himself to us) arrived almost 15 minutes
after we first arrived. We placed our drink order, and our drinks were
not currently available. Then we ordered a second set of drinks. When
the server came back after another 10 minutes to tell us they were
also out of those drinks; we were cosidering leaving the restaurant. I
asked the server, "Can you please tell us everything you are currently
out of?" He laughed and said that was all. We made a final drink order
and this time it arrived. When we made our dinner order, this was
almost a terrible nightmare. After three times, each ending with "Can
you please tell us everything you are currently out of?" the
restaurant had run out of each entree and appetizer we ordered. Our
server was not apologetic, but laughing about how comical that it was
that each thing we ordered was not available. Finally we ordered one
appetizer, two pizzas and two more drinks. My tuna and white bean
appetizer arrived and it was a plate of hard white beans topped with a
can of tuna. The beans were not cooked and we could not even get our
forks through them. It was undercooked and inedible. We summoned our
waiter once again, who did apologize and to take it off of the bill.
Our pizzas came out cold and tasting like they were old. My fiancee's
pizza was the funghi pizza with fontina, mushrooms, and red onion. It came out
cold luke warm in most parts and cold in others.
My margherita pizza was soggy, and had three blobs of
mozzaella with about 4 leaves of burned basil and was coated with a
thin layer of tomato sauce. I had asked for it without salt and the
crust was heavily salted. Lean cuisne has a frozen margerita pizza that is much better and at a better price.

We were tempted to grab a menu to see if
this was how out pizzas were to come out, but were so terribly
disappointed it didn't even matter because we began to expect the
worst. Our drinks we had ordered came out long after our dinners and
the hostess was leaning on our chairs to stand up as she tried to
wobble throughout the restaurant.
We had been looking to coming to this restaurant and it was saddening
how awful our experience was. Our night was completely ruined and had
never experienced such terrible food and service in our lives. We
would not recommend this restaurant to our friends and hope that this
is not the service to expect when you dine at this establishment. We
ordered food we did not want, we ordered drinks we did not want, and
then we were charged for it.

However, as we had this many problems during our dining experience,
there was not a manager in sight. No management, hostess's barking at
customers, having a menu that is 30% available on a Saturday night;
these are all traits of failing restaurants. We hope that they will
improve in coming years, but for the time being "foodie beware!"

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