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For those of you looking for something a little different than going to happy hour on your Thursday night, check out the To Market/To Market dinner that Robert Weland at Poste Brasserie is doing every Thursday night. Starting at 6 PM, You meet at Post Brasserie in Penn Quarter and Robert takes you shopping at the Penn Quarter farmers Market for fresh ingredients which he then prepares for you for dinner in a special dining area near his own garden. On top of that, the meal is served with a selection of biodynamic wines selected to go with the dishes that Robert creates. The meal costs $60 per person. For reservations, call or email Dani Williams-Jones at 202 783 6060 x162 or  Dani.Williams-Jones@postebrasserie.com.

Here's some more info on Robert Weland and Post Brasserie:
Washington Post




Any chance you've actually participated in one of these dinners yet? My wife and I are HUGE fans of Poste (everything from their cocktails and infusions to their gazpacho with dijon ice cream!) and we've been talking about taking part in this for more than two months now.

I'd be curious to hear if anyone has had an experience - positive or negative - of doing this yet.


Are we going to hear about your Chicago trip at all? I'd love to know if you hit any good restaurants while there (though the weather may have been less than conducive to exploring).


Joe, I actually haven't. I was planning to go this week, but I had too many other things going on. Perhaps next week.


Kathryn, If only I was actually IN Chicago. Libertyville doesn't quite count, but I did go to a very mediocre bar with some amazingly bad karaoke singers. :(

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