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Oct 22, 2007



The second sentence in your blog should read Arlington and not Alexandria. None the less Willow is surprisingly good. It's about time something decent went into that location!


Hah! You're right. I think my mind was on another review that I'm writing...


Very good review! Though I was just at Willow on Friday and had the tuna which was "Pastrami spiced" and not wrapped. Though it's very possible that they changed their menu already.


Willow is very good. I took my husband there for his birthday and they had a personalized menu waiting for us, and an embossed wine glass filled with biscotti after dinner. Very nice touches and they made him feel special. It started everything off on a great note.
At another popular resto, we made reservations for our anniversary and were asked without being prompted if we were celebrating anything. We told them, but upon arrival and throughout the meal, nada. That's starting out on the wrong foot.
Willow does it right.


My husband and I dine at Willow as often as possible. Though we love to try new spots, Willow is the only place we've been that has been incredible every time. The servers are knowledgable and the dining room and bar and beautiful. I love the atmosphere, and we enjoy that the menu is always changing. I highly recommend the scallops, but everything is delicious.


Why does this restaurant have the category of Woodbridge?

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