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Nov 16, 2007



I go to The Italian Store fairly frequently for their hogies and pizza and I know Arrowine in nearby but I haven't been yet. I've got to check it out.
Do you know if they make their own bread and bagels, or where they source them from?

Mike Bober

Their bagels are brought in from H&H in New York, and their bread is from Uptown Bakers (pretty sure they're in Hyattsville, MD).

They used to have a page on their website where they said their H&H bagels were delivered par-baked and frozen and that they finished them on site, but that page is down right now so I'm not sure if that's still the case.

Hope that helps!


If you hit Arrowine, be sure to check out Crisp & Juicy at the end of the strip. They have awesome Peruvian chicken and fried yuca.


Second the Crisp & Juicy recommendation. Get the yellow and red sauces (both fabulous), sweet potato puree if they have it, and don't miss the plantains.

We had some for dinner last night.

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