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Nov 02, 2007



For me, the best thing at Central is the brussel sprouts, although, I think it's for all the butter and bacon that they cook them in, more than the actual brussel sprouts. This is the second time in 24 hours that someone has brought up Central! Time to go back...

Bevin Clare

The cheese course at City Zen is a sight to see, with over 30 cheeses to choose from. The portions are small, but I believe you can pick 7 or 8 cheeses, and with two of us getting a cheese course that meant a lot of cheeses! The catch: you have to dine in the restaurant which is really expensive. Otherwise, the cheeses at The Blue Duck are lovely and unique and well described and you can get them with tea in the lounge.

Mike Bober

Thanks for the great tips, Bevin!

CityZen remains at or near the top of my list of restaurants that I'm really eager to try. My wife and I ate at Blue Duck last winter, but we didn't try the cheese plate. Could be a good reason to give them another shot.

If anyone else has any recommendations, I'm eager to hear them. Like I said, cheese plates can be hit or miss depending on how much attention the restaurant gives to them - knowing what to expect beforehand can really help.


In the DC area there are a number of cheese plates worthy of ordering and a number that are truly a waste. CityZen's cheese plate is one of the few things that makes that place redeemable. Our food there was mediocre and a rip off at best.

Eve usually has an interesting cheese selection, though rarely a cheese plate per se.

Tallulah and Eat Bar in Arlington have an excellent cheese selection, though as it is gastropub style you order by the cheese. They have humbolt fog, which is awesome.

Vidalia has an amazing cheese cart, and you need only be in the bar to order that- so it can be less expensive.

Firefly has a nice domestic cheese selection, though I wish they'd get off their domestic bent and go a little international.

2941 had a great cheese course when Krinn was head chef, though I'm sure it still does now. I haven't yet been there as I'm currently in Chicago.


I have to say I agree with Jonny on the Citizen statement. I'd try them again before writing them off because I've only been there once, but the cheese selection there blew my mind.


Sonoma has great "local" cheese selections (if you consider TN and NY local...but good picks, still). Plus, when I couldn't remember the name of one of the special cheeses that wasn't on the menu, I contacted the restaurant and the chef himself emailed me back with the details.


I agree with the "you never know what you're going to get" on a cheese plate sentiment. More importantly this brought back memories of the the cheese "plate" at McSorley's in NYC - a sleeve of saltines and slices of American cheese!

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