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Nov 20, 2007



My grandmother, who lived her whole life in Lebanon PA, served her scrapple with Turkey syrup, a thick dark syrup with a malt flavor.


I had never heard of Turkey syrup. It sounds good. Now you have me missing Lebanon bologna...on a potato roll..with yellow mustard.


Hard boiled eggs and molasses.

jim collins

Keep eating stuff like this and organ meats, and enjoy your daily Lipitor pill...


I was hoping to read something about how the scrapple from CB farm is and how it might compare to your. This post doesn't have anything to do with Cedarbrook Farm scrapple, which is the title of the post. It just fuels a trip down memory lane. How was this scrapple?


Sorry I wasn't descriptive enough. To compare it to say Habbersett scrapple, CB Farms scrapple is milder. I'm used to more herbs such as sage. It's also less dense, more creamy. Hope that helps.
Thanks for reading.

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