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Dec 11, 2007



My favorite biscotti are the ones that I get at 2 Amys in their cookie plate. I love them so much, that someone there showed me the recipe that they're base on in a very, very old recipe. So one day I tried making them and they were a complete disaster...(sigh)


This is a recipe I've been working from for a couple years, and it is easy and dependable. This batch had crunch but was still a tad moist in the middle.Frank (DH) declared it my best yet..and I'm no baker.
Hint's for you and anyone..make sure your butter is softened, preferably by sitting on the counter, not weeping from the microwave. Add eggs slowly and really give it time to incorporate. Incorporate dry ingredients a little bit at a time. These measures give reliable results.


I'm definitely going to have to give your recipe a try. It sounds great. I think the main issue I had when making them in the past is an extremely cheap electric oven. Hopefully the oven in my new place does a better job keeping the right temperature.

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