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Dec 07, 2007



I love this stinky, gooey cheese. I put the smell right up there with Red Hawk. Both aromatic (to put it nicely) AND delicious.


Before purchasing Epoisses you should give it a look over. Not every one for sale is ready to be sold. Likewise there are some that should be trashed, but still being sold. It is critical to look at the packaging and ensure that the cheese has not pulled away to far from the enges of the edges. The cheese should fill as close to the edge as possible. There should also be no buldging. Usually a sing it is overripe. If you get a good one. Always let is sti out to bring to room tempeture.

Mike Bober

Those are all really good points, Baccala - you definitely want to take a look inside the wooden box before you buy the cheese. Generally speaking, the safest approach is to buy from cheese shops you know and trust...but it never hurts to look before you buy.

Ramona's comparison to Red Hawk is right on - I would say Red Hawk (a Cowgirl Creamery cheese) is the best American washed-rind cheese I've ever tasted, and it does have a similar pungent smell.


I remember a few years back I did a "stinky" cheese class at Cheesetique. That was my first intro to stinky cheeses and Epoisses was one of the cheeses that we tasted. I don't think I've had any of it since, so I definitely need to pick up some of it now.


A friend has given me this cheese 6 times, she owns a cheese shop, I immediately toss it in the trash and take it outside. Rank.

Mike Bober

Sorry to hear that, Brain. I'm definitely jealous that you've got a friend who owns a cheese shop.

Sounds like you might want to let her know you're not a fan of Époisses, though - that's more than $100 worth of cheese you've thrown out!


OMG...a "cheese connoisseur" brought this to a get together. The entire kitchen was so smelly. He said "the stinkier, the better", so I tried it...absolutely amazing, and ever so creamy. Cheese lovers must try!! Thanks for posting this, b/c I couldn't remember the name.


I wish that I didn't eat with my nose so much. I have trouble with stinky fish (salmon, even when fresh, for example) and stinky cheese... but I *do* remember loving the taste of Epoisses though. Maybe next picnic.


I'm with you on the smell of salmon, Tanya. It's so beautiful, yet I can't get myself to like it. No way. No how. But stinky cheese usually rewards you with delicious and comples flavors. Now Limberger is a cheese I could never get past my nose. An old Grandma used to eat it with red onions on rye bread for New Year's. But..she kept it outside in her mailbox until it was time to eat!

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