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Dec 26, 2007


Mike Bober

Though I can't speak to Poste's desserts specifically, I would be very surprised to find out they had used ANY canned ingredients. In fact, Chef Robert Weland is a regular patron of the Penn Quarter Farmers Market on Thursdays (it closed for the season last month, but will be back in the spring). And he uses a decent portion of the patio space around the restaurant to grow his own vegetables and herbs - the heirloom tomatoes they grew in the summer were amazing.

One of the items on my DC Foodie to-do list next year is the "To Market, To Market" program run by the chef. For roughly $60 per person, he leads a group to the Farmers Market and guides them through a shopping trip, picking out whatever looks best to him that day. He then brings the group (and the foraged ingredients) back to Poste, where he prepares dinner using the freshly-procured vegetables.

Poste holds a special place in my heart - their cocktails and their bar menu are wonderful, and I would definitely recommend checking them out. I'm sorry to hear you've had less than stellar experiences there so far.

One note: The Hotel Monaco is a Kimpton property - one of several (including the Madera, the Palomar, the Rouge, the George, and the Helix). Most feature bars or restaurants that are worth a look - Firefly at the Madera, Bistro Bis at the George, Urbana at the Palomar, etc. - and that frequently participate in Restaurant Week, which is quickly approaching.

Amanda Parrish

I see what my mom means when she says I'm too critical! This wasn't meant to be a negative review--only an honest one about the highs (macaroons, truffle oil french fries) and lows of a dining experience.

Mike Bober

I didn't read it as a critical review, Amanda - I thought it was straightforward and honest. A "less than stellar" experience can still be a good time - it just isn't a great time.

I just wanted to share what I know about Poste - and Chef Weland's - commitment to fresh and local ingredients, which I think is a major positive note for them.

Please don't take my comment as a criticism of your review.

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