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Jan 22, 2008


Rob Rutledge

I love the saltenas at Tutto Bene, and not only because the restaurant just happens to be one block from my apartment. Two things that people should bear in mind that you didn't mention, though: One, those suckers are filling, and though the Bolivian stew they offer on weekends is fabulous, you will not get through it if you order both; two, they often host traditional Bolivian music during weekend brunch which makes the dining experience a lot of fun. Can't wait to check out the saltenas at Pike now!


Rob, since you've got experience at Tutto Bene-how is the service/vibe when you dine there? It seemed so warm and welcoming-smiles and greetings all around. I walked out with my saltenas (and yes, we were reheating some the day after they are so filling) and thought I just had to go back to eat-in.

Rob Rutledge

Honestly, its a bit touch and go. Most of the servers' first language is not English, so ordering can prove tricky at times. Other than one particularly exasperating experience at the back bar, though, I have never found the staff to be anything but friendly and eager to please-- so overall no big complaints.


Thanks Rob. Fortunately my husband Frank speaks Spanish. I learned the phrase "para llevar" (take away) on our saltena search!


Bolivian saltenas?!? I thought I'd never see these in a local restaurant! I'm definitely going to try these places out. I used to live in Bolivia and have made these a few times since moving back to the US, but as you say they're super labor-intensive so I'm happy to see someone else will do it for me! Cheers.

Carlos Teran

you should also try luzmila's at 809 west broad street in falls church they have the best saltenas ive tried.

Inca Princess

Eating Salteñas requires skill. I proudly announce that I have mastered eating it by hand, while driving a 5 speed, and without getting a drop of it on my shirt, lap or seat. In fact, I don't need to lick my fingers or use a napkin until after I finish the last bite! There's a nice place on Colombia Pike near the Panamerica Bakery. Really good saleñas, cheap, delicious!

Tutto Bene

Speaking on behalf of the staff and owner of Tutto Bene Italian Restaurant and Grill, we thank all of you for the kind words. (Better late than never!)

See you on Randolph St...

--Tutto Bene Marketing

PS--Come visit us soon! :)


Wow! I love your review. I just went to tutto and my bakery and compared it to a bolivian restaurant in nyc on my blog (http://seekingfood.blogspot.com/2008/11/bolivian-battle.html)

I LOVE saltenas and wish they had some in LA.


I live in Florida. When in Arlington we always stop in Tutto Bene before we head home. I purchase mine frozen,25 or so, pack them in a cooler with ice and have them when we get to florida. A few at a time. Ask for the cooking time when you buy them. They are delicious any time.

Kathy y Wayne

I would like to comment, that I drive to Virginia at least twice a month just to eat saltenas. I have been to most mentioned restaurant to buy saltenas. My top two picks are Luzmila's located at 809 West Broad Street in Falls Church and Tutto Bene 501 N. Randolph St Arlington, VA 22203. Both taste great. Luzimila's although a small dining area is much more friendly and just feels like your back in Bolivia. While Tutto Bene is a bit more upscale, I don't like the vibe while dining in. Almost as if to look at some to say hurry up eat and get out. I once asked to replace my salad because it had some brown pieces of lettuce and instead of politely replacing they went on to say its lettuce thats what happens to it after a while. Finally after discussing for longer than should have, told them I don't want salad then. (and yes I did still pay for it) Made for a very uncomfortable rest of the evening for our entire party of 10. The saltenas are good, but if in the area I just order for carry out not dine in.

Saltenas are great for eating right away, so I perfer to go to Luzmila's, where the owners and staff are great. And of course the saltenas are great!

maricela davies

I used to live in Maryland , and i drove for 35 to 45 minutes just to get saltenas al tutoo benne , they are deliciosassss. now i live in DE. i cant wait to go back to taste those saltenas again. felicidades POLO. I USED TO WORK THERE .

Susan Aldayuz

Now that you have tried saltenas you need to try Tutte's Fricase, a spicy, pork and freeze dried potato soup. Then another day get up early and go to My Bakery for Api and Pasteles. The api is made from the purple corn, but is hot and sweet, put that together with fresh pastries filled with melted cheese and you can imagine yourself in the mercado (marketplace) in the altiplano of La Paz.

Nelson Asport

I live in Florida where can I BUY SALTENAS or a bolivian restaurant. thanks.


I doubt we can help you Nelson. This is a local DC blog.


does anybody know the closest place to Utah that i can get some saltenas! i'm craving like crazy

Ariel Maldonado

Man, I grew up in Alexandria. I visited Pike Pizza many times as a kid. I live in Florida now and to answer Nelsons question, look up La Soya restaurant in Miami. I haven't been there yet but it is suppose to be authentic bolivian food. And if it doesn't sell Saltenas, then it's not Authentic. Check it out. I know I will... Soon.


I am Boliviano and I grew up in Arlington. My tia use to make Saltenas and sell them out of her kitchen way back in the day! Saltenas are the best! Now, it's my mom's 70th birthday and we're going to have a party for her, complete with Saltenas. I found a place in Olney that has tons of Bolivian food - El Antojito. But, we're having the party in Woodbridge, VA. The distance is too much, but you should check it out if ever in Olney.


I have found THE BEST saltenas in the DC/VA area. I received the phone number of the man who makes them and delivers them/or you can pick them up yourself ,from a friend who had a bolivian themed bday party and served some there. As a Bolivian and a picky one.. I've been trying saltenas around the area and these have definitely won the prize. After I ordered the saltenas I asked the man (Jose) what other products he sold. He came over and gave me a sample of Chorizos from Sucre (most amazing sausages EVER) and ENROLLADO! 2 bolivian specialties! UNREAL IS ALL I CAN SAY. I am passing the info along for anyone who is craving homemade, saltenas, chorizos, or enrollado, because I am impressed by how they taste EXACTLY than the ones in Bolivia. And I must say... QUALITY ingredients. Hope this helps for all you FOODIES out there trying to find some good BOLIVIAN EATS!
INFO: JOSE AVILES - 7037645382


Do they serve vegan salteñas without the meat and egg coating?

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