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Jan 04, 2008



Or go to Dino as theirs is super fresh! I forget what days they get it in though.


Have you tried fresh handmade mozzerella? Nothing beats a fresh warm ball right out of the pot. I haven't found a place in DC/MD/VA that makes it. If you are ever up in New York City, look for Joe's Dairy neary Soho and the village.
They make wonderful mozzerella handmade on sight. Arrive in the early afternoon to get a warm fresh ball, soft as butter.


I personally want to become comfortable making cheeses such as mozzarella and ricotta. Here's a company that has great cheesemaking starter kits: http://www.cheesemaking.com/
And yes, go to someone you trust for freshness. I bought a burrata from the Italian Store a while back and it was over a week past it's sell by date. Stunk like garbage on a hot day.

Mike Bober

J - Excellent suggestion! I'm going to give them a call this week to find out what days they get it in and I'll report back.

ScubaKay - I have not tried it, but I would love to! I got the Atlas of American Artisan Cheese for Christmas, so I'll have to see if it can recommend somewhere nearby that might offer the opportunity.

Ramona - Sorry to hear about your bad burrata experience. I hope you complained and got it replaced! I know Cheesetique gets burrata regularly, so you might want to check with them next time.


Anyone know where 2 Amys gets their Buffalo and Cow Mozzarella from? Both are so tasty.

I think I prefer Buffalo Mozzarella in it's raw (unmelted) form, and Cow's milk Mozzarella for melting.

Mike Bober

SB - I think I agree with you on your preferences. As for your question on 2 Amy's mozzarella, I called them and asked. They told me they buy from EuroGourmet, in Beltsville. You can check them out online at http://www.eurogourmet.biz/

ScubaKay - As promised, I checked out the Atlas of American Artisan Cheeses. They list two producers of fresh mozzarella in the DC/MD/VA area, though neither of them appear to offer on-site sales. Those producers are the Blue Ridge Mountain Dairy, in Leesburg, and Fields of Grace Farms in Remington.

Blue Ridge sells at FreshFarm Markets (DuPont Circle, Penn Quarter, Courthouse) and local WholeFoods.

Fields of Grace sells at farmers markets year-round in Courthouse and Falls Church. May through October they sell in Vienna, Annandale and Burke.

Hopefully one of them can help you in your quest!

Mike Bober

J - I spoke to Dean at Dino this morning, and he told me that their supplier gets the cheese in fresh on Sundays and Thursdays.

But he also told me that he orders cheese from them six days a week, and that he rarely orders more than he anticipates needing for any given day.

Sounds like you can pretty much count on the cheese at Dino being nice and fresh, as expected.

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