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Feb 20, 2008



I picked up my first bit of smoked mozz and feta from Blue Ridge this past Sunday, along with some of the terrific Greek yogurt with honey. Everything's been divine. Also, it's worth nothing, their products are more expensive at Whole Foods.

Mike Bober

Glad you've enjoyed it, too, Belmont!

No big surprise that it would be cheaper to buy direct from the source than to go through Whole Foods. Even if they didn't mark things up significantly across the board, they would have to tack something onto the price to make it worth their while.


Did you happen to see this? :)


Mike Bober

No! That's amazing - between BelmontMedina, us and the New York Times it has been quite a press day for Blue Ridge Dairy!

I'm glad to see Mr. Stephan get a mention in here - and I had heard rumors that he was going to be trying to bring the buffalo mozzarella back, so it's nice to see that confirmed in print.


Great post Mike. I love Blue Ridge (and Keswick and Firefly). I think their mozzarella is excellent-including the smoked version. It goes well in a chicken dish with peppers. I use it like a would smoked paprika-a little goes a long way!
Blue Ridge is also at Kingstowne Market in season and I think (maybe) they are at Old Town too....I'll confirm that on Sat. ;-)


Almost two years ago I responded to a post the Blue Ridge Dairy had left on craig's list looking for a cheese maker. A new culinary school graduate, and someone very much in love with cheese, I applied. The man who called me back was very surprised when he heard a female voice that the end of the line. He proceeded to try to discourage me from interviewing (citing early hours and hard work) and asked if I was athletic. He said the job requires workers to lift 60 pounds. Confident in my ability to do the job, and in my strength, I set up a date to go in for an interview. The day before my scheduled interview I received a voicemail on my cell phone from this gentleman, telling me that there was no way a "girl" could lift 60 pounds- that it was “an impossibility.” I was horrified that someone would make such a sexist (and untrue) comment, let alone leave it on a voicemail. I told several people about the incident, and against the wishes of many, I never pursued the matter further. I am saddened that a company with such a beautiful product would behave in such a way that would prevent me- and many many people I know- from EVER purchasing their products. While I don’t discredit their delicious cheeses, I just want everyone out there to know how they run their business.

Nick Matyas

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