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Feb 07, 2008



Nice review. Never been there but will go. You forgot to mention that Tallula is run by the same folks responsible for Rustico, Evening Star, Vermillion.... All Alexandria stand-outs. These people know what they are doing. Perhaps it's time for a profile of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group. They are a cornerstone of quality dining in NOVA. No I don't work for them, just a big fan.

That house made hot dog... I'm confused... spiced like a hot dog but big like a brat is what I guess you mean? Natural casing? BTW have you been to M'Dawg by the Amsterdam felafel folks? been meaning to go. Sounds underwhelming from what I've read. I think they and I have philisophical differences over hot dogs.


I have to say that I tried Tallula and EatBar a few times back when it first opened and never went back because of the crowds and overall slow service. I wanted oh so bad to like this place though and have been eager to give it another try. I thought it had such potential. Rob, I wonder if you can shed some light on this - has the service improved?

Rob Rutledge

Thanks, Jaywin! Yes, I agree, the NRG is great... which reminds me, I have to check out Rustico again in the near future. Correct me if I'm wrong, someone, but I thought I'd heard that the people who own Clarendon Grill have a hand in Tallula/EatBar in some capacity, as well.

Yeah, I took a little licensing there for the sake of alliteration. The hot dog is not spiced like a brat-- it is more a size thing, and the fact that it is more a color found in nature than pink/orange. Like, you can tell it came from an animal sort of thing. I do believe the casings are natural, though don't quote me. I have not been to M'Dawg, but from what I've heard they are going in a much 'fancier' direction with their dogs than than EatBar.

I think the service has improved some, Jason- though as a caveat, let me say that I have had much better luck in the bar than in the actual restaurant. They do still get quite crowded on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, which is why Movie Night Sunday is a great option, as it still doesn't get too crowded. Though, I'm loath to say, the movie for tomorrow is "Bend it Like Beckham." Not quite the classic I was promising there...

Mike Bober

I've been to M'Dawg, and I can say from experience that they are best enjoyed DRUNK (or at least buzzed), when the significant outlay of cash is far less painful.

The dawgs are good, and the options are certainly worth a visit, but you really have to be in the mood to shell out $4 or more for a hot dog that only a true afficionado can appreciate.

Rob - Great call on Eat Bar. I'm a big fan in general, and I wholeheartedly support any place that talks about bacon with as much reverence as they do.

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