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Feb 25, 2008



Yea! I have missed your reviews, Jason! My husband & I ate at Hook last month for the first time, and really enjoyed it.


Prices? I would love to know I I can afford to go here. The menu on the website does not contain prices!

any help would be appreciated!


Noah - if you have to ask what the prices are - you probably can't afford to eat here. The prices are a bit staggering, but the food is worth every penny. I recommend selling your first-born if you need to in order to indulge at this restaurant.


It's not that bad really. I went there by myself once, ordered a whole bottle of a very nice wine, a couple apps, an entree, and a dessert and it was about $100 after tip...and I tip very well. Not cheap, but also not THAT expensive considering everything I ate and how good it all was.

I actually forgot to mention that a very good, economical wine on the list for seafood is the greco di tufo.


Just be sure to request to be seated downstairs. If you are unfortunate enough to be seated upstairs, you will literally be "blinded by the light" - a streetlight shines brightly right into your eyes.

I agree that the food is consistently outstanding, and the service has always been excellent. They have some good wine values too.


I usually like hook but my last couple meals there haven't been that good and I came accross this review of hook which says the same thing (@ www.foodandbeermonger.com)


We had a great dinner last night at Hook. The grilled tuna was awesome. My wife had Lobster Risotto that had great flovors but could have had larger pieces of lobster. My son had Black Rissoto which he loved, but to me it tasted like Ruffles sour cream and onion potato chips.
The spagetti with mussels appetizer was wonderful. All of this set off by a great discovery, Elizabeth Spencer Chardonay.


Hook, what a restaurant. I went there last week for the second time,after my first try back in December. All the food was just as good, we were treated excellently both times and both times the wait staff were SO knowledgable about the menu and the fish and the food that it was just great.

Prices: EXPENSIVE. Especially for a grad student like myself. However, if you have a special celebration coming up, get people to take you here. Some of the appetizers can be big, so if you plan on having dessert (and believe me, you want dessert here!), then you might want to split them (I am refering to the appetizers, not the crudos, which are bite sized, and not worth the money in my opinion, but then as I said, I am on a budget).


Oh, and the black risotto with calimari? My favorite! I had it as main course in Dec, and as an appetizer in April. Definitely delicious in my opinion.


calamari....sorry, the thought of sunshine outside is making me woozy...


Two Comments. During lunch, sit upstairs. They do an excellent job during rest week.

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