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Mar 05, 2008



Mike-I'm so happy to see you feature Keswick Creamery. Why is it that somehow they come off as the red headed stepchild to Firefly?
They rock!
I agree 100% that they excel at feta...where else do you find feta like theirs? It's piquant but not over powering or overly salted. It lasts and lasts in your refrigerator.
I have a few small crumbles of the Feta de Provence in my fridge now-about 3 weeks old. It lasts wonderfully in between my visits to the Dupont Market. I have it on my salads all the time.
I also love their plain cheddar. At any point in time, I have either Keswick cheddar or feta...sometimes both.
Last, I want to fully endorse Keswick Quark. I had never heard of quark before, then I tried it last summer and was hooked. Perfect breakfast-bagel+jam+quark.
Nothin' better.
And just to put another vote in for their samples-generous, generous, generous. Not doled out one at a time like Firefly, but gobs of everything they make, plus bread and cups and spoons...


I love their feta cheese. I buy a block of it every Sunday and I (of course) taste everything that they offer. I love the quark and the marinated feta cheese with bread. The quark sampled with jelly (today it was hot pepper jelly!) from another vendor taught me how to be adventurous with my cheese. It's always one of the first stalls I go to when I go to the Dupont Farmer's Market.


Actually, Keswick does have a URL...it's www.keswickcreamerycheese.com and the site is up & running.

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