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Mar 19, 2008



Granville Moore's may have opened with a focus on the beer, but the amazing cuisine is what keeps everyone packing the place night after night. I posted a slew of pics from the Throwdown at the Argonaut:



Great review! I'll be mentioning the Throwdown with Bobby Flay in my Weekly Blog Round Up this wee. Endless Simmer did some nice coverage on it with photos.


Oh man, in that picture of me and Amy I look like I'm really pissed about something.


We finally ate there a couple weeks ago.

The food was good. We ordered mussels, frites, and steak.

Pros: Great atmosphere, hip and fun. Great beer selection, including those on tap. Good food.

Cons: TERRIBLE service. REALLY REALLY bad service. Our waitress whispered. In a noisy room, she refused to talk above a whisper. So we could not hear any of the beer or food specials. We asked several times, and she still only whispered. They forgot several of our items, forgot to bring silverware and dipping sauces for the fries.

Beware of the great fries: a "small" order can easily be split by 2-3 people. A large order serves 4-6 people. And the portion served with the entrees is HUGE.


I am still in disbelief of the horrible service that I was given on Tuesday February 10th 2009 at Granville Moore's. I and three of my co workers came in for food and drinks and wanted to sit at a table after a long day, we asked to sit at a table and were told that the table in the back was for parties that were ordering dinner. Next since we all decided to order food and there were no other people waiting we nicely asked if we could sit back at the table and the bartender RUDLEY said no and that we had to be ordering full dinners and only three of us were. A few minutes went by and a four top table opened up so again we nicely asked if we could sit at that table and the bartender yelled "FINE, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! I ALREADY TOLD YOU GUYS LIKE NINE TIMES THAT YOU COULD NOT SIT AT A TABLE!" Clearly my co workers and I were not going to be treated poorly so we left before we could even try the food and barely had a sip of our drinks. Then another employee came outside and asked for us to pay our tab and we told him nicely that we do not pay for bad service and to take it out of the bartenders check. He rudely said that we were not welcome there.......funny we already left. I just want to know why is the staff at Granville Moore's so angry?
Ginae in Phoenix


Hm. While I've not been to Granville Moore's (yet) and certainly wasn't there on Feb. 10, I just gotta say -- Ginae sounds like an awful person.


I visited on June 9, had great mussels (Moules Fromage Bleu), the Frites were alright (the sauces are what make them) and enjoyed the wide beer selection. The service was mixed: the bartender was very friendly and helpful but the hostess was cold and rude (even though the place was not packed and there was no need to be so brusque). Luckily the rest of the experience made up for that poor start.


I visited in December 2008 and I loved this place. I was on a visit to DC from London and my friends who live locally took me there. The food was superb and the service was great. Admittedly it took us quite a while to get a table, but given this place is so popular and you cant book then i am not surprised. We happily sat at the bar with drinks (terrific belgium beers!) and waited and the service at the bar was just as good. I am coming back to DC for the 4th July weekend and have asked my mates if we can go again - we are and i cant wait!!

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