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May 08, 2008



On a recent visit to Barboursville Vineyard, we learned how to spear a bottle of champagne. It's actually a lot easier than most people think.

One of my favorite wines of theirs is the Brut sparkling wine that's pretty much a Prosecco. It's nice and dry with nice citrus hints and usually runs about $16 a bottle at wine stores around here.

I'll have to give Burnley a try the next time I'm out that way.


Oh, and I meant to mention one other thing. People out there trying to think of last minute things to do for mom on Mother's day. Think about taking them on a vineyard tour for the day!

Rob Rutledge

Good call on that: Barboursville is beautiful, and a wonderful place to bring anyone, Mom included. That said, they also have a lovely inn on site called the 1804 Inn. The Inn is actually a collection of houses right by the ruins, and they do sell gift certificates-- I got one for my parents for their anniversary, actually.

Jason, was the man who did the spear demonstration also named Jason? Gregarious guy in a distinctive hat? He has actually done such a demonstration in our store during a Barboursville wine tasting last year. Really nice guy, actually. And what's not to love about a man who owns his own saber?


Love Burnley - their vertical tastings held about twice a year are lots of fun.

In that same general area I'm also a fan of Afton Mountain, Autumn Hill, Cardinal Point (sometimes hit or niss), DelFosse, King Family, Kluge, Veritas (their "Starry Nights" event is great). Don't really care for Prince Michel - felt too much like a winery truckstop.

Rob Rutledge

I like Afton and Veritas, too, Colleen, and though I've never been to Cardinal Point, I've had the Cab Franc and it is very nice. As for Prince Michel... yeeaah, I'll be writing about them a little bit down the line.


His name was Jason if I recall correctly. I think he was their marketing representative, so it makes sense that he would be at your store for tastings.


Prince Michel...love the Symbius! Kind of expensive though...

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