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Jun 11, 2008



Fantastic post,Mike. I'm impressed with Spike's entrereneurial spirit!


Spike rocks. I'm planning to go and meet him at the Food & Friends' Chef's Best event on June 16th. Can't wait!


Spike is sexy, is he single?

Mike Bober

I'm married and male, so I'm not exactly looking...

Why not stop in and ask him yourself? :-)


We decided to try it out yesterday after noon. Let me just say if you like very greasy burgers (ordered Good Stuff Melt) that are overcooked and over seasoned & very very greasy fries (ordered Village fries)& onion rings (it was mostly all batter, I was like where are the onions) then maybe you will like Good Stuff. The mayo bar was nothing to talk about. The strawberry milkshake was nothing special, I guess maybe it was ok at the most. I'm just glad that we didn't have to wait in a long line, which would have made everything even more disappointing. Total cost for burger, fries, milk shake & onion rings $19.85.
I think he's caught up in all the hype going from Top Chef to restaurant owner. He should really concentrate on making sure what he is serving is actually "Good Stuff".

Mike Bober

Sorry to hear that, JQ.

I've been two or three times now, and thankfully have not had an overcooked burger yet. I tend to stick with the basic fries instead of the Village Fries (too much rosemary for my taste), but they haven't struck me as especially greasy.

The mayo bar has changed - originally envisioned as a dispensary system, the realities of the volume of business they're doing have necessitated the single-serving cups being pre-set.

I've enjoyed my visits so far, but it's still REALLY early for people to be making final judgments on this place - positive or negative. They've only been open two weeks now. I want to give them some time to settle into a rhythm before I make up my mind for good.


I just went there tonight and was pleasantly surprised. The man puts out a decent burger, but you can't get out of there for under $20 if you order a burger, side, and a shake. That's Washington, though, I suppose. I had the regular fries and they were great -- my dining companion had the other ones and wasn't thrilled -- too much rosemary.

4th is not enough

I went there and was thoroughly dissapointed. First the cashier was unattentive. I asked for a chocolate shake and she said they didn't have those, then proceeded to read me the list of shakes in which she listed "chocolate". I then replaced my order for said shake.
We ordered 2 bacon cheeseburgers and onion rings with the shake to go.
We ended up with 1 bacon cheeseburger, 1 turkey burger and fries with the shake.
I think if I had wanted the "Good Stuff" I should have probably gone next door.

Mike Bober

Next door? Would that be Cosi or Zack's Taverna?

Either way, you probably wouldn't have been able to get much in the way of what you were looking for at Good Stuff.

Sorry you had such a disappointing experience, though. Sounds like you may have caught them on a very off day.

My suggestion - call them and let them know what happened. Restaurants need to hear when things go so wrong like this.

Rare Turkey!

Don't order the turkey burger, unless you like it rare. I order two turkey burgers and both of them were dark on the outside and very pink on the inside. Needless to say...they weren't done. The cashier did not want to give my receipt and money back...And I'm 6 months pregnant! Nevertheless, I will never eat at GoodStuffEatery again!!!


do not live in DC have never been to goodstuffeatery. but i do have to comment on the fact that i worked with a very awesome guy resembling spike in ybor city florida. not just looks but attitude. pretty sure thats the guy i know and he deserves all the great things that have come to his life. it was an experiance knowing spike for the short time i did.

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