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Darn. I always miss this guy when he's in DC!


If I had known, I probably would have stalked him. Which is actually probably a bad thing, so it's good I'm finding out later. No Reservations: Washington???


Could they be discussing opening a restaurant together in DC? Figuring that DC will get hipper after Obama is in office?


He's in town shooting an episode of No Reservations for next season. He already announced it on his blog on the Travel Channel website.

If anyone wants to stalk with me, I'm up for it...


He was also spotted at El Pollo Rico in Arlington. FINALLY national props for this "cheap eats" favorite!


Saw him Sat nite at Eamonn's having some fish and chips. Hopefully I made it into the show!


Why wasn't I there...I dont think DC gets the right recognition for the dining and food we have


I ran into him at the downtown farmer's market last Thursday (near 7th and E NW)- I was so excited!!! They were walking around together looking at the produce (with camera crew in tow). He was really nice, stopping to talk to fans, etc. He was even talking about beer! (And how he doesn't actually drink the drinks he orders on the show- at least not the whole beer!)

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