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Jul 08, 2008



GOOOOO Team Storch!


I want to know what was the name of the tavern again. I would like to go. This is the first I ever heatd of this website and I am glad that I got a chance to find out about this.


Fantastic episode and you and Amy ROCKED!


You and Amy were great - and I'm glad that Teddy won (even though I figured as much months ago) because he's awesome!

I can't believe Bobby's voiceover in the beginning of the show said (incorrectly) that Granville Moore's is in NW Washington. Oh well, maybe that will keep the masses away from what has been my neighborhood hangout for the past year! (One can hope, at least. I'm not being selfish; it's just not that big a place and I kind of liked having it to myself/friends.)


how about the times they said they were at the Argonaut?


The competition did take place at the Argonaut because there wasn't enough room for the filming equipment and crew at Granville Moore's.


there wasn't enough room for the viewing last night either. despite how crowded it was, a good time was had by all.

very good running into you last night; and i still owe you a beer.

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