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DC Restaurant Week Summer/August 2008

Update: Look here for Summer,August Restaurant Week Menus

For those of you who've been emailing us asking, no, pleading for us to tell you the dates for the Summer/August DC Restaurant Week, we seriously haven't been ignoring you. It's really because we didn't know until now the exact dates when it will be. This week however, I got an email from Chef Geoff's saying that it was August 11th through the 17th. Now, the WashingtonDC.org web site still hasn't announced the official dates, so you might want to take this with a grain of salt.

Of course, DCFoodies.com will be posting menus for DC Restaurant Week as always so check back in late July for the complete list, or check out the menus from past Restaurant Weeks if you want to make a reservation now.


Ferhat Yalcin

Corduroy is not participating in Restaurant Week promotion.
I personally thank and appreciate your business for the past restaurant weeks. Please make your reservations accordingly.

Kind Regards,
Ferhat Yalcin
General Manager


Sorry to hear that Ferhat, but I'm sure you have your reasons.

For those that shy away from Restaurant Week...Corduroy is now your choice.

B. Ritter

While OpenTable.com and the DC restaurant and tourism sites do not have the dates, the Washington Post's City Guide does - August 11-17: http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?node=cityguide/profile&id=1066853&categories=Miscellaneous%20Events&venueid=1024915

Kim Williams

La Tasca has their Summer 2008 Restaurant Week information posted for Baltimore as well as DC: http://www.latascausa.com/events.cfm


Interesting--la tasca's RW menu quotes $35.08 as the price of dinner. that's quite an increase over the expected $30.08.


The Restaurant Association sets the price and they decided to move the price up. At Dino we are removing almost all our upcharges and adding a glass of dessert wine, limoncello or grappa to your meal.


Does anyone know if 1789 is participating this time?

Mike Bober

Cheers, Dean! What a great addition to your already impressive participation.

With rising fuel and food costs, I wasn't surprised to hear that the price of Restaurant Week menus was going to go up this time. Considering that the cost has only risen $0.07 since 2001, I think we're still making out pretty well.

Nina Deal

1789 is not participating in restaurant week, however, they have a similar summer special happening through the middle of September. They are essentially offering the same format as what they usually do during restaurant week - but for $37 per person -still quite a deal. You can get the information on their website.

Nina Deal

I also made a reservation at Cafe Atlantico. They confirmed the dates and confirmed that they are participating this year.

Laura Jackson

Pinzimini in Arlington has their menu posted under Events. http://washingtondc.destinations.starwoodhotels.com/uploadedFiles/DEST/Washingtondc/Pinzimini/Restaurant%20Week%20Menus%20Summer%202008.pdf

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